Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamax Pokemon Guide

Like Mega Evolutions and Dynamaxing before, Gigantamax is a stage in Sword and Shield. Gigantamaxing allows you to take your Pokemon to another level of strength and ability. To get acquainted with the concept, you will find all the information about the Gigantamax transformation in this Sword and Shield Gigantamax Pokemon Guide.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamax Pokemon

It is a new mechanic introduced in Pokemon Shield and Sword that allows specific Pokemons to get enhanced in a manner like never before. A Gigantamaxed Pokemon will have an enormous size-up along with a gigantic energy boost. It will also have an eminent glowing aura covering it and cloud balls hovering over its head.

There are certain very special Pokemon who can actually acquire Gigantamax and even among them there are few who can actually take on the new form and utilize it in a manner as to get that new special attack.

This Dynamax or Gigantamax buff is applicable for three turns in the Gym battles and for Max Raid battles you will trade turns with other players and still the buff will last for three turns of a battle for a Pokemon so keep that in mind as well.

Additionally, they get a G-Max Move that is different from their normal moves and attacks which is a further boost up. For instance, the water type Drednaw gets Stone Surge as a G-Max Move which leaves rock effects as well along with the water base damage.

How to get Gigantamax Pokemon?
You can get the Gigantamax Pokemon by one of two ways. Either through Max Raid Battles or special Pokemon Events. In Max Raid Battles, you are joined by other players to fight a boss Pokemon.

Nintendo is increasing the chance of encountering Gigantamax Butterfree starting from 15th November.

Players of Pokemon Sword will also have an increased chance to encounter Gigantamax Drednaw. Those playing Pokemon Shield will more likely encounter Gigantamax Corviknight during this time.

So you will have a high chance of catching a Gigantamax Pokemon during a battle at this time during the event.

Unlike Dynamaxing and Mega Evolution, only specific Pokemons will be able to Gigantamax. Listed below are Pokemons that can Gigantamax, along with their G-Max Moves and the way to get them:

Charizard (Max Raid Battle)
G-Max Wildfire: Does damage to all non-fire type Pokemon over a course of four turns.

Pikachu (Event Pokemon)
G-Max Volt Crash: Does electric-type damage and paralyzes the enemy Pokemon, even if it is a ground type.

Eevee (Event Pokemon)
G-Max Cuddle: Does normal-type damage and love-strucks the enemy Pokemon.

Butterfree (Max Raid Battle)
G-Max Befuddle: Bug-type damage is done while the enemy Pokemon gets paralyzed or poisoned.

Meowth (Event Pokemon)
G-Max Gold Rush: Normal-type damage is done and gold is scattered across the arena.

Corviknight (Max Raid Battle)
G-Max Wind Rage: Does wind-type damage upon the opponent while removing any effects from them such as Terrain, Light Screen, Spikes or Reflect.

Alcremie (Max Raid Battle)
G-Max Finale: Heals any Pokemon on your side while doing Fairy-type damage to the opposing Pokemon.

Drednaw (Max Raid Battle)
G-Max Stonesurge: Does water-type damage while scattering rock shards all over the field that damage any Pokemon entering that area.

G-Max Chi Strike: Raises the chance of Critical hits.

G-Max Terror: Gengar steps on the shadow of opposing pokemon to keep them from escaping.

G-Max Foam Burst: It harshly lowers opposing pokemon’s speed.

G-Max Resonance: Reduces damage received for five turns.

G-Max Replenish: This move restores barries that have been eaten.

G-Max Malodor: A poison attack which Poisons enemies.

G-Max Meltdown: A steel type attack that prevents the enemy from using the same attack twice in a row.

G-Max Gravitas: A psychic attack that changes gravity for 5 turns.

G-Max Volcalith: A rock type attack that continues to deal damage for four(4) turns.

G-Max Tartness: A grass type attack that reduces enemy evasiveness.

G-Max Sweetness: A grass type attack that heals the status condition of all allies.

G-Max Sandblast: A ground type attack that locks enemies in a sand storm for four to five (4-5) turns.

G-Max Steelsurge: A steel type attack that spreads sharp spikes throughout the field.

G-Max Depletion: A dragon type attack that reduces the PP of the last move used

G-Max Stun Shock: This electric-type gigantamax attack poisons or paralyzes the opponent.

G-Max Snooze: This Dark-type gigantamax attack will let the user loose a huge yawn that will hypnotize the opponent into falling asleep.

G-Max Smite: A Fairy-type gigantamax attack that will confuse the opponent.

G-Max Centifemo: A fire-type gigantamax attack that will trap the opponent in flames for four to five minutes.

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