Pokemon Sword and Shield Dracovish Location, How to Catch and Evolve

Learn the location of the fossil pokemon Dracovish with our Pokemon Sword and Shield Dracovish Location guide and how you can add it to your party

Dracovish is one of those Fossil Pokemon so naturally it would be very powerful and rare and not much is known about it.  Dracovish is so powerful that in its time when it roamed the earth it was on top of the food chain, the apex predator one might say. So in this Pokemon Sword and Shield Dracovish Location guide, we will be discussing all we know about this Pokemon which will include its location, abilities, evolution, strengths, and weaknesses.

Also, did you know that this pokemon could run at around 40 miles an hour and it still cannot breathe underwater which are totally unrelated things but this is how I will put it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Dracovish Location

We will discuss both of these together as there is not much known about both of them. If we talk about evolution, then there is nothing to talk about as Dracovish doesn’t evolve or there is no data of it ever evolving.

Now let’s move on to Dracovish’s location. It is a very rare pokemon and there are no overworld spawns of it. However, there is one way to get it which is as follows.

There is a Fossil Lady on Route 6 and when you get to her she will offer you a chance to revive one of the four Fossil Pokemon by combing two different fossils. The options are:

  • Dracozolt – Fossilized Bird + Fossilized Drake (Electric/Dragon)
  • Arctozolt – Fossilized Bird + Fossilized Dino (Electric/Ice)
  • Dracovish – Fossilized Fish + Fossilized Drake (Water/Dragon)
  • Arctovish – Fossilized Fish + Fossilized Dino (Water/Ice)

This is the only way you can get this pokemon.

Dracovish Stats
The strongest stat of Dracovish is its defense. Its base stats are as follow:

  • HP: 90
  • Attack: 90
  • Defense: 100
  • Sp. Attack: 70
  • Sp. Defense: 80
  • Speed: 75

Dracovish Weakness
Following types are Dracovish’s weakness:

  • Dragon 2x
  • Fairy 2x

Dracovish is weak against the following pokemon:

Pokemon Type 1 Type 2
 Hydreigon  Dark  Dragon
 Goodra  Dragon
 Togekiss  Fairy  Flying
 Haxorus  Dragon
 Noivern  Flying  Dragon

Dracovish Strengths
Following types are Dracovish’s strengths:

  • Steel 1/2
  • Fire 1/4
  • Water ¼

Dracovish is strong against the following pokemon:

Pokemon Type 1 Type 2
 Arcanine  Fire
 Gyarados  Water  Flying
 Milotic  Water
 Lapras  Water  Ice
 Charizard  Fire  Flying

Dracovish Abilities
The following are Dracovish’s abilities

Ability Type Effect
Water Absorb Normal Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move instead of taking damage.
Strong Jaw Normal The Pokemon’s strong jaw boosts the power of its biting moves.
Sand Rush Hidden Boosts the Pokémon’s Speed stat in a sandstorm.

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