Pokemon Sword and Shield Circhester Walkthrough

Learn all about the huge city of Circhester as you explore it before venturing to the local gym in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Located on Route 8, Circhester looks like the remains of a city and is home to Gordie, leader of the Rock Gym of Galar which is the sixth gym badge you will acquire. There are many collectibles and valuable items you can find in Circhester on your journey to the Circhester Gym. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Circhester guide has it all!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Circhester

Whenever your Pokemon went through a rough journey, make sure to visit the Circhester Pokemon Centre as soon as possible. It’s the best place for Pokemon to heal.

Start with the road that has houses on its left. Enter the first house and find a man in it. Speak to the man and receive a  TM27 Icy Wind.  This area doesn’t have much to offer since the people in other houses and the diner at the end have nothing to give.

Stick to this path and take the road in the middle which takes you to the center fountain. There’s a trade happening by a man behind the ice cream stand who wants a Throh in exchange for a Vanillish. Check it out if you are interested.

Enter Hotel Ionia of Circhester by the double doors; a building on the left with a circular fountain. Use the elevator to go on the upper floor as there is nothing to explore on the ground floor.

On the upper floor, there are many characters on the left-most room which are fun to interact with. Talk to the Director at the back and receive a Catching Charm.

Enter another Hotel on the right by the double doors. Go straight up to the second floor and go inside the second room on the left. Once you enter the room, you’ll find Howses. Howses is currently confronting the person who ate a basket full of berries from the lobby.

Interact with each one of the guilty parties and listen to their story carefully then decide which one is guilty. This is quite interesting and funny! Once you’ve heard all of their stories a Skwovet will enter with berry juice covering his mouth. It’s your chance to shine, choose the Skwovet as the culprit and be rewarded with a Wide Lens by Howses.

Enter the third room from the left and get a TM16 Screech from a hiker, and take a TM47 fake Tears from the fourth room from the left.

Go up to the rightmost road from the barbershop; located on the lower right side of the town. You’ll see houses on the right and come across a boutique shop.

There are so many collectibles in this area of Circhester. Go downstairs to the Poke Shop statue and take the hidden Poke doll resting near the snowman. Go to the other side to find a Snow Ball

When life gives you Lemons you make Lemonade! Enter the Circhester hot springs bathhouse and take a can of Lemonade on your left.  Also, there’s a man wearing a pink shirt, he will teach your Pokemon the Dragon move “Draco Meteor”.

Near the pillars of the Hero’s Bath, there’s a TM51 Icicle Spear. Be sure to take it before leaving the Bath.

Now, without any excuses head directly to the Circhester Stadium, look for two hidden X Special Attacks in the left corner. You should feel sad for the person who left it there.

When in the Circhester Stadium, be sure to look for a ball guy, he’ll give you a Moonball, another valuable item. Head inside and talk to the gym challenge staff and start the Circhester Gym!

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