Pokemon Sword and Shield Blipbug Locations, Evolutions and How to Catch

Blipbug is a new pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield and this guide will give you its locations and best way to capture it

Blipbug, a new addition to the Pokemon franchise among Generation 8 Pokemon is a bug-type found in the early stages of the game so it shouldn’t be a problem to add to your collection and complete the Pokedex. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Blipbug Locations guide will help you track it down and add it to your party and evolve it as it grows up.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Blipbug Locations

Blipbug is a Bug Type Pokemon that makes it strong and gives it strength against Fighting, Ground, and Grass-type Pokemon. This makes it particularly effective against Pokemon like Leafeon, Mamoswine and Lucario.

On the other hand, Blipbug is weak against the Flying, Rock, and Fire-type Pokemon. So make sure not to pit your Blipbug against Pokemon like Tyranitar, Growlithe and Togekiss as it will undoubtedly be defeated in a few moves.

Blipbug Abilities
Swarm: Powers up Bug-type moves when the Pokemon is in trouble.

Compound Eyes: Boosts the Pokemon’s accuracy.

Telepathy (Hidden): Anticipates an ally’s attack and dodges it.

Blipbug Stats
Blipbug doesn’t have many high stats but nonetheless, the Pokemon has a high speed and overall, the stats are enough to make it a good Pokemon.

Blipbug has 25 HP, 20 Attack, 25 SP Attack, 20 Defense, 45 SP Defense and 45 Speed Max IV Stats.

Catch and Evolve Blipbug

To catch Blipbug, you have to be at the locations of Route 2, Giant’s Cap, and Slumbering Weald in the Galar Region.

Once you have Blipbug, you have to raise him to level 10 in order for it to evolve into Dottler who is not only a Bug-type Pokemon but also a Psychic-type Pokemon with better stats. That is not where Blipbug’s evolution ends.

Once you raise the Pokemon’s level to 30, it is going to evolve into Orbeetle.

Blipbug Spawning Locations
You can find Blipbug in both, Overworld (which are visible in the game) and Non-Overworld (which are not visible in the game).

Location Weather Spawn
Route 2 (High Level) All Weather (Lv. 40-43) 30%
Giant’s Cap (2) Normal Weather (Lv. 28-30) 35%
Giant’s Cap (3) Normal Weather (Lv. 29-32) 35%
Slumbering Weald (Low Level) All Weather (Lv. 2-3) 20%
Route 2 (non-overworld) All Weather (Lv. 4-6) 40%
Slumbering Weald (non-overworld) All Weather (Lv. 2-3) 10%