Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Teams / Party Build With Starters Guide

This guide will help you create the best and ultimate Pokemon team in Sword and Shield with no weaknesses to fight any situation

In our Pokemon Sword and Shield guide, we will discuss the various intricacies of creating the ultimate Pokemon Party, and provide you with our recommendations for Pokemon that are a necessary component for whatever team you create – it will also be contingent on which Starter you chose. So let’s continue on with this Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Teams / Party With Starters Guide.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Teams / Party With Starters

Creating the ultimate Pokemon team can be quite tricky. You need to have a balanced team that’s doesn’t have a single weak link; a team that isn’t widely susceptible to certain types of Pokemon, and are, themselves, capable of inflicting extra damage. Most importantly, however, a great team is one that is able to earn the player a win without bringing the match down to the wire in Sword and Shield.

Note: All of the Pokemon mentioned in this guide are available in both Sword and Shield, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Pokemon Team Building
The very first choice revolves around the Starter Pokemon. Choosing the right Starter can set the standard for your future Party. The first Gym Leader is a Grass-Type specialist, so a Fire-Type Starter (Scorbunny) would be the best chance if you want an advantage from the get-go.

Whatever choice you do make, be sure to get Pokemon that cover the Types you rejected; if you pick Scorbunny, capture a Water and Grass-Type afterwards. These 3 Types are the primary Types, able to be used against most Pokemon Types.

Don’t stop there, however. Catch whatever Type that you come across – catch ‘em all, if you have to. Each Pokemon brings something new to the table, and you’ll never know what works and doesn’t work for you if your repertoire is limited. This does entail leveling them up, but you can get around that with the aid of Exp. Share.

If you find the task of leveling your Pokemon a bit too tedious, head over to the Wild Area and get battlin’. This is a new location that allows you to combat a multitude of different Pokemon – the various encounters will be a great learning tool that’ll help you form strategies, while simultaneously allowing your Pokemon to level up!

You’re also encouraged to go into Raid Dens and battle wild Dyanamx or Gigantamax Pokemon. Not only does this help you understand the strategy needed to beat such Pokemon (invaluable knowledge when it comes to Gym Leaders) but you also get the opportunity to capture such Pokemon!

You want a balanced team that can cover all Elemental Types. There are certain Pokemon a Fire-Type is strong against, simultaneously there are certain Types that a Fire-Type would be weak against. Create a team that covers all the bases; try to avoid getting in a situation where no one in your Party brings an Elemental advantage. Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Rock, Steel – these are the Types you should make an earnest effort in capturing.

It’s easy to take Pokemon and make it your top priority. Many players focus entirely on buffing their Starter, turning them into a Juggernaut that can steamroll through most battles; but that won’t always work to your advantage.

Some challengers (the Elite 4, for example) have powerful Pokemon that your Beginner simply can’t beat; you’ll need the assistance of equally powerful Pokemon. Essentially, have a team that’s balanced when it comes to Experience and Overall Level. This way, you’re ready for any contingency.

It pays to teach your Pokemon different moves. Many Pokemon have similar moves, but that really doesn’t work to your advantage. You’ll want to teach your Pokemon different moves, moves that complement one another; if one Pokemon uses a move that lowers your opponent’s Defense, use another Pokemon to inflict as much damage on it as possible. Use your Pokemon’s unique skills in tandem, living up to their full potential.

Best Pokemon Recommendations

Now that you’re knowledgeable of the various ways to improve your Party, let’s go over our picks for a great Pokemon Team. It’s heavily based on which Starter you pick, but there are certain Pokemon that work to your advantage no matter which Starter you go for. We’ll first go over these universally acceptable Pokemon:

A Powerful Water-Type capable of doing immense damage. Its Dragon based abilities make it a force to be reckoned with. Capture a Magikarp on Route 2 and level it up; learn the Moves Dragon Dance and Crunch.

This Pokemon’s greatest strength lies in the fact that it belongs to two heavily resistant Types, meaning it’s the kind of Pokemon that’s difficult to knock out. Catch Drillbur in Galar Mine and have it evolve into Excadrill; learn the Moves Metal Claw, Swords Dance, and Earthquake.

This Pokemon has a few unique advantages; it allows you to run away from a Wild Pokemon encounter; it’s powerful against Psychic and Ghost Types, and with the aid of Foul Play, you can inflict a great deal of damage. Capture Nickit on Route 1 and have it evolve into Thievul; learn the Moves Sucker Punch, Foul Play, and Parting Shots.

A Pokemon that complements Gyarados, and is an absolute tank. With high Defense Stats, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any Pokemon that can easily take it out. With powerful attacks on top of that, Whiscash is a must-have for any team. Capture Barboach near Motostoke and evolve it into Whiscash; learn the Moves Earthquake, and Snore.

Try your hardest to get these Pokemon, they’re likely to be of great use no matter what you’re up against. Now then, let’s go over the Pokemon we recommend to be in your Party, depending on which Starter you choose:


  • Since Scorbunny is a purely Fire-Type, it helps tremendously to have Electric-Type Pokemon to counter any Water-Type.
  • Perrseker: A powerful Pokemon with high Defense and Attack – is tremendously useful against several different Types of Pokemon; will work alongside Scorbunny and his subsequent evolutions quite well.
  • Eldegoss: Can counter Water-Type Pokemon, therefore an invaluable addition to a team spearheaded by a Fire-Type; is also durable, especially against Dynamax Pokemon.


  • Since Grookey is a purely Grass-Type, you’ll want Pokemon that can counter Fire-Types; Rock, Ground, and Water-Types all serve that purpose.
  • Perrserker: Recommended for the same reasons listed above.
  • Chewtle: Easy to capture early on, furthermore it will eventually learn Dark-Type moves which makes it a hard counter for several Types of Pokemon.
  • Zigzagoon: We recommend this Pokemon for its later evolution; Obstagoon is a powerful Pokemon that is capable of deadly techniques – he will make your Pokemon journey significantly easier.


  • Since Sobble is a purely Water-Type, it pays to have Pokemon that can counter Electric-Types; Poison and Ground Types will get the job done.
  • Arcanine: A powerful Fire-Type that can prove itself to be a hard-counter for several Pokemon Types; also capable of performing great feats.
  • Ninetales: Another powerful Fire-Type that’s capable of different moves that ought to make your roster even more powerful.