Pokemon Sword and Shield Ballonlea Walkthrough

Explore the mysterious city of Ballonlea and take on the local Pokemon Champion with the help of our Pokemon Sword and Shield guide

After exploring Glimwood Tangle in Sword and Shield, you will arrive at Ballonlea. It is also a mystic type of city but less dark as compared to the previous. Glowing mushrooms covering the buildings and other things looks very special. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Ballonlea guide, we have included all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations etc. We have a Ballonlea Gym Walkthrough if you are interested in going straight there and defeating Opal for the Gym Badge

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ballonlea

As you enter Ballonlea, make sure to heal any pokemon you have on low health from the Pokemon Center which is right in front of the entrance. Head over left to the house and speak to the person, who says that he himself is a pokemon.

He then requests clothing from you with a fiery spirit. To convince him, buy a fire type tracksuit and bottoms from the boutique store in Hammerlocke. Show these items to the man to receive the TM78 Acrobatics.

After that, head into the house where there will be an old man. His name is Frank, the same one who you’re supposed to deliver a letter which was given to you by a girl in Hammerlocke. He will give you a choice scarf as a thank you gift.

Come outside and now enter the second house. Talk to the old lady there who will reward you with TM77 Hex just for chatting with her.

Inside the second house, speak to the Breeder Elena and agree to fight her to teach to make your Pokemon stronger without evolving her. Defeat her Dottler who will be a bug and psychic type pokemon. Defeating her will get you an Eviolite as a reward.

These will be all encounters in Ballonlea.

Ballonlea Items and Location
There are some items that can be found at the following locations in Ballonlea:

  • TM78 Acrobatics: Reward for convincing the man outside the first house.
  • Choice Scarf: Gift from Frank after taking Paula’s Letter in Ballonlea
  • Big Mushrooms x2: They can be found hidden between the two houses in Ballonlea.
  • TM 77 Hex: Inside the second house, the older lady will give the TM77 Hex.
  • Eviolite: Reward from Elena after defeating her in a Pokemon battle in Ballonlea.
  • TM 21 Rest: Under large green mushrooms on the right corner of Ballonlea.
  • Balm Mushroom: At the end of the path is a ledge to jump off. Balm Mushroom is hidden here
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