How To Catch Tinkatuff In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Tinkatuff is a cute but deadly hammer-wielding Fairy-Steel Pokemon that was newly introduced to the series in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you are interested in catching Tinkatuff for your roster in Pokemon SV, allow us to go over the locations where you can find it.

Tinkatuff location in Pokemon SV

Finding Tinkatuff out in the wild can be quite difficult. As it is an evolved form of Tinkatink, there are only a handful of places where you will find Tinkatuff.

The best way to get Tinkatuff in Pokemon SV is to evolve catch a Tinkatink and evolve it. However, if you don’t want to go through that trouble and are interested in speedrunning your way to Tinkaton, you can find high-level Tinkatuff in a few places.

The best place to find Tinkatuff in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would be the Glaseado Mountains. Simply roam the area and you will see this pink-purple fairy-type moving around carrying a hammer. Check out the ruins in the areas for a higher chance of finding a Tinkatuff.

Another good area to search is the northern part of the Asado Desert, close to the borders of Asado Desert and West Province Area 2.

Tinkatuff has some impressive base stats:

  • HP 65
  • Attack 55
  • Defense 55
  • Special Attack 45
  • Special Defense 82
  • Speed 78

However, what makes Tinkatuff amazing are the two special abilities it comes with. These abilities are Mold Breaker and Own Tempo. Mold Breaker helps in using moves without taking any damage against the opponent’s abilities. While the Own Tempo prevents the user from getting confused.

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