How To Catch Iron Hands In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Iron Hands is a 9th-generation paradox Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This Fighting/Electric-type Pokémon has some special abilities in addition to some brilliant base stats scores.

If you are also in search of places where you can find Iron Hands easily, then you just stepped at the right spot. This guide will help you find and catch Iron hands in Pokémon SV.

Iron Hands location in Pokemon SV

It is important to note that Iron Hands is exclusive to Pokemon Violet. If you are playing the Scarlet version, you will not be able to get Iron Hands unless you decide to trade in one of your other Pokemon.

Most commonly, this Pokémon can be found in The Great Crater of Paldea. In addition to it, Iron Hands can also be found in Areas (1,2,3,4,5) of South Province, and Areas (1,2,3) for both East and West Provinces and Asado Desert.

Once you find him, you need to start the battle with him. While in the battle, use Ultra Ball in place of Pokeball to catch Iron Hands.

Iron Hands have an ability called Quark Drive. It helps Pokémon in getting a booster shot which provides a boost push to the most well-performing stat on the list.

Apart from the ability, this Pokémon has some interesting base stats having a collective score of 570.

  • HP 154
  • Attack 140
  • Defense 108
  • Special Attack 50
  • Special Defense 68
  • Speed 50

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