How To Trade In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

You will need to learn how to trade in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to not only meet the requirements for your Pokemon evolutions but also to complete your Pokedex collection.

This is because Scarlet and Violet are two halves of the same game. There are Pokemon that are exclusive to either Scarlet or Violet. Hence, if you are playing the Scarlet version, the only way to get a Violet-exclusive Pokemon is to trade.

The following guide will tell you all about trading Pokemon SV.

Pokemon SV trading explained

There are two ways to trade in Scarlet and Violet. You can use Link Trade to directly trade with a specific player or Surprise Trade to trade with a random player. Take note that Surprise Trade is basically Wonder Trade from previous Pokemon games with a new mechanic addition.

If you are trading online, you will need a valid Nintendo Switch Online membership. If you are trading offline, you will need to first connect with a player in the local area.

  • Select Poke Portal on the right side of the menu.
  • Select Link Trade.
  • Select Begin Searching to trade with a random person.
  • Select Link Code to trade with a specific friend.
  • Both players need to match an eight-digit code to confirm the trade.
  • Once connected, choose a Pokemon you want to trade. The same goes for the other player.
  • If you are not happy with the Pokemon trade, select Never Mind to refuse and back out.
  • Otherwise, hit the Trade It button to confirm the trade.
  • Following a little animation sequence, the two traded Pokemon will swap between the two players.

How to Surprise Trade

Surprise Trading allows you to choose a Pokemon that you want to trade but does not let you choose which Pokemon you get in return. That is the whole surprise bit about this kind of trading in Pokemon SV.

Furthermore, you will be trading with random players instead of any specific friend.

  • Select Poke Portal on the right side of the menu.
  • Select Surprise Trade.
  • Choose a Pokemon you want to trade and Save.
  • Now, return to the game and keep playing. You will eventually receive a notification that a Surprise Trade has been completed.
  • Select Poke Portal again and check the Pokemon you got.
  • The whole process is automated and a quick way of trading Pokemon.

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