How To Get Full Restore In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Here is how you can get Full Restore in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet offer a ton of medicinal items that you can use to heal your Pokémon. Among these include “Full Restore”, which is basically a medicine that can come through at times when you want to treat your Pokémon’s health and status condition.

In Pokémon SV, you will come across different items that are known for their restorative abilities. Since each of these medicines has different effects, the most notable and desired medicine item is Full Restore.

The reason is that it can completely restore your Pokémon’s health along with status ailments making your Pokémon more proactive for those battles to come.

Continue reading on, as we will be addressing what Full Restore does to your Pokémon and how you can get Full Restore in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon SV Full Restore location

You can get Full Restore by simply buying it as an in-game item from “Poke Marts.” Poke Marts are scattered all around the map and serve as a marketplace for you to buy all kinds of items.

However, to purchase Full Restore from any Poke Mart, you will have first to obtain eight Gym Badges, then you can spend 3,000 Pokémon credits or Pokedollars (₽) to acquire Full Restore.

Remember that in order to obtain those eight Gym Badges, you will have to go through ordeals like facing off against eight Gym leaders.

Lastly, you cannot gain Full restore as an item reward by winning the Tera Raid Battles, as it is not listed as a reward for any Star Raid level (1-6). You can only purchase Full Restore through “Poke Marts” in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Full restore effects in Pokémon SV

Full Restore is considered highly important due to its medicinal attributes. As the name indicates, when you apply this item to your Pokémon, it grants healing abilities to your Pokémon by fully restoring its HP.

Moreover, if your Pokémon is suffering from any status condition, then you can simply resort to using Full restore to heal that as well.


While Full restore has some beneficial effects, you can’t use it to revive your Pokemon. For that you will need items like Max Revive that will enable you to revive a fainted Pokemon to full health.

The additional benefits of applying the “Restore Effect” include that it will grant “30 Base Power” Fling Damage to your opponent as well. Furthermore, this medical item also helps in enhancing the durability of your selected Pokémon in battles.

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