Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Order

It’s the dream of every Pokemon trainer to become a true Pokemon Master, and to prove your worth as a Pokemon master; you need to get all the gym badges.

So, to become the new Pokemon master of Paldea in Pokemon SV, you need to complete the Victory Road Storyline. In this, you face many gym leaders to beat and get badges to prove your worth.

This guide will provide a list of all the Gyms in Paldea and a basic intro, giving you a general idea of when and how to approach every gym leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon SV Gym and Badge progression order

This section of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide will include all the details of the Gym leaders you’ll be facing. It will include their Recommended Level, location, Pokemon they use, their types, and weaknesses.

While you can take on gyms in any order, you want in Pokemon SV. The order we have specified is the ideal one that proceeds according to your level. You don’t have to grind too much for a gym that’s higher than your level.

  1. Cortondo Gym
  2. Artazon Gym
  3. Levincia Gym
  4. Cascarrafa Gym
  5. Medali Gym
  6. Montenevera Gym
  7. Alfornada Gym
  8. Glaseado Gym

Cortondo Gym (Bug-type)

  • Recommended Level: 14
  • Pokemon: Nymble, Tarountula, Teddiursa
  • Location: South Province (Area 2)
  • Type: Bug
  • Weakness:  Fire, Flying, and Rock

Artazon Gym (Grass-type)

  • Recommended Level: 18
  • Pokemon: Petilil, Smoliv, Sudowoodo
  • Location: South Province (Area Three)
  • Type: Grass
  • Weakness: Fire, Bug, Flying, Ice, and Poison

Levincia Gym (Electric-type)

  • Recommended Level: 23
  • Pokemon: Wattrel, Belibolt, Luxio, Mismagius
  • Location: East Province (Area Two)
  • Type: Electric
  • Weakness: Rock and Ice

Cascarrafa Gym (Water-type)

  • Recommended Level: 29
  • Pokemon: Veluza, Wugtrio, Crabominable
  • Location: West Province (Area One)
  • Type: Water
  • Weakness: Grass and Electric

Medali Gym (Normal-type)

  • Recommended Level: 35
  • Pokemon: Komala, Dudunsparce, Staraptor
  • Location: West Province (Area Three)
  • Type: Normal
  • Weakness: Fighting type

Montenevera Gym (Ghost-type)

  • Recommended Level: 41
  • Pokemon: Mimikyu, Banette, Houndstone, Toxtricity
  • Location: Montenevera Town
  • Type: Ghost
  • Weakness: Electric, Ice and Rock

Alfornada Gym (Psychic-type)

  • Recommended Level: 45
  • Pokemon: Farigiraf, Espartha, Gardevoir, Florges
  • Location: Alfornada Cavern
  • Type: Psychic
  • Weakness: Steel and Poison

Glaseado Gym (Ice-type)

  • Recommended Level: 47
  • Pokemon: Frosmoth, Beartic, Cetitan, Altaria
  • Location: Pokémon Center at Dalizapa
  • Type: Ice
  • Weakness: Fire and Water

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