How To Catch Espathra In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Espathra, a vibrant ostrich-lookalike Pokemon, is one of the new 9th gen additions to the pokedex with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you are interested in catching an Espathra for your dex in Pokemon SV, allow us to explain its location.

Espathra location in Pokemon SV

There are essentially two ways to catch an Espartha in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and we will cover them both.

Evolving a Flittle

Espathra is actually the evolved form of another pokemon, Flittle. If you are looking to add an Espathra to add to your party, the easiest method is to find a Flittle and then evolve it into Espathra.

Being a base form, Flittle is a lot easier to find than Espathra and roams the mountainous areas of Paldea.

After catching the Flittle, simply use it in combat to gain EXP and level it up. Once Flittle reaches level 35, it will automatically evolve into Espathra.

Find Espathra in the wild

The second and slightly challenging way is to search around and find an Espathra in the wild to catch it. Being from Desert/Mountainous areas, it makes sense that you should be able to find an Espathra in the Asado Desert.

Simply go northeast from Cascarrafa City and roam the southern part of the desert and you should run into an Espathra.

Lastly, let us look at Epathra’s stats in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

  • HP: 95
  • Attack: 60
  • Def: 60
  • Sp. Attack: 101
  • Sp. Def: 60
  • Speed: 105

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