How To Defeat Cassiopeia In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

In the final stages of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you will face the leader/creator of Team Star in the Starfall...

In the final stages of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you will face the leader/creator of Team Star in the Starfall Street storyline. The name of their creator is Cassiopeia – a formidable opponent that uses different evolutions of Eevee as her main Pokémon.

In this guide, we will go over how to defeat Cassiopeia in Pokémon SV.

Best team to defeat Clavell

Below we have given the best team that is capable of matching the strengths and defeating Clavell’s Pokémon:

  • Baxcalibur Lvl 62 (Dragon/Ice-type)
  • Bisharp Lvl 60 (Dark/Steel-type)  
  • Skeledirge Lvl 62 (Fire/Ghost-type)
  • Klawf Lvl 60 (Rock type)

How to defeat Clavell

There are three confirmed Pokémon that Clavell uses, and they are Polteageist, Oranguru, and Abomasnow. Other Pokémon depend upon what starter you selected.


  •  Gyarados (Lvl 60)
  •  Amoonguss (Lvl 60)
  • Skeledirge (Lvl 61).


  • Houndoom (Lvl 60)
  • Amoonguss (Lvl 60)
  • Quaquaval (Lvl 61)


  • Houndoom (Lvl 60)
  •  Gyarados (Lvl 60)
  • Meowscarada (Lvl 61)

Bisharp is the best choice to use against all three guaranteed Pokémon Oranguru, Abomasnow, and Polteageist. Using its STAB moves, it can easily get your team a quick victory.

Despite not being in its final form, it is still capable of solely taking out all of Clavell’s starting Pokémon along with Skeledirge without much assistance.

Being a Fire-type, your Skeledirge will be best used against Clavell’s Meowscarada, Amoonguss, and Quaquaval. For Gyarados and Houndoom, the best option is Kwalf which is a Rock-type Pokémon.

If you have an entirely different team in mind, we recommend you go for the following moves; 

For Gyarados, we strongly recommend using an Electric-type pokemon. It is extremely vulnerable against electric types and with a powerful enough attack, you might be able to one-shot this beast. If not, then opt for a Rock-type pokemon as Gyarados is also known for being weak against rock-type pokemon. Gyarados is a notorious beast as it has shown little to no weakneses against other types of pokemon. Pay some heed to your pokemon selection before heading into battle if you’re certain of facing it. 

Houndoom should be pretty easy to take down as it has a wide range of weaknesses. Such a broad range gives you some relief on your pokemon selection. Go for any pokemon within the Rock, Fighting, Ground and Water types as it shows the most weaknesses to these types. 

Amoonguss also showcases a variety of weaknesses so you also have some breathing space in the pokemon selection. Any pokemon from the Flying, Fire, Ice and Psychic-types can prove to be fatal for Amoonguss. 

Skeledirge can be dealt with if you have a high level Water, Ground, Rock, Ghost or Dark-type pokemon. Its attacks can be fairly heavy so if you don’t possess a tanky pokemon from the given types, make sure to use the Sp. Atk to maximize the damage output and reduce the number of hits given to it. 

Meowscarada is a dual Grass and Dark type pokemon so we recommend using a Fire, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Flying and Fairy-type pokemon. Meowscarada shows weaknesses against all of the mentioned types and a well built pokemon can easily one-shot it. 

Quaquaval can also be fairly easily dealt with if you go with a pokemon from the Electric, Grass, Flying, Psychic or Fairy-types. As it is a dual Water and Fighting type pokemon, going with an Electric-type pokemon should be considered a priority. 

Best team to defeat Cassiopeia (Penny) 

Below we have given the best team that is capable of matching the strengths and defeating Cassiopeia’s Pokémon: 

  • Kilowattrel Lvl 65 (Electric/Fire-type) 
  • Clodsire Lvl 64(Poison/Ground-type) 
  • Tinkaton Lvl 68 (Fairy/Steel-type) 
  • Azumarill Lvl 66 (Water/Fairy-type) 
  • Garchomp Lvl 69 (Ground/Dragon-type) 
  • Scyther Lvl 73 (Bug/Flying-type) 
  • Skeledirge Lvl 70 (Fire-type) 

How to defeat Cassiopeia 

 Below we have listed the Pokémon Cassiopeia uses in this battle. 

  • Umbreon Lvl 62 (Dark-Type) 
  • Flareon Lvl 62 (Fire-type) 
  • Vaporeon Lvl 62 (Water-type) 
  • Leafeon Lvl 62 (Grass-type) 
  • Jolteon Lvl 62 (Electric-type) 
  • Sylveon Lvl 62 (Terra/Fairy-type) 

Clodsire being a Ground/Poison-type Pokémon can easily take on Jolteon and Flareon since they are weak towards such types. Additionally, it can be used to take out Leafeon and Sylveon who are weak towards Poison-type Pokémon. 

Despite being the best option to wipe out the entire team, it is imminent that Clodsire will take some hits and he can only endure so much. You can also choose to go with Kilowattrel for fighting Vaporeon. It isn’t that much strong and can be taken out in one hit is the attack is powerful enough. You can also use Skeledirge for attacking Leafeon as it shows weakness against Fire-type pokemon. 

Tinkaton can be used to go up against the likes of Vaporeon who are weak towards Fairy and Grass types respectively. Tinkaton is also pretty effective against Sylveon as it is a dual Fairy and Steel-Type Pokemon. 

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