Pokemon Legends Arceus The Slumbering Lord of Tundra Walkthrough

In this walkthrough we'll take you through the entirety of The Slumbering Lord of Tundra main mission in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

The Slumbering Lord of Tundra quest in Pokemon Legends Arceus has you facing many skilled trainers and ultimately leads to a vicious battle against Frenzied Noble Avalugg. In this walkthrough, we’ll take you through the entirety of The Slumbering Lord of Tundra main mission in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Slumbering Lord of Tundra

To start the mission, talk to Adaman and Irida. You have quelled four Noble Frenzied Pokemons until now and it’s time for the last one. Adaman and Irida tell you that you must head to Alabaster Icelands this time and battle the Frenzied Avalugg.

To accept the mission and start it, you need to have a 5 Star Research Rank. If you have the rank, head on to Jubilife Village. Akari or Rei will greet you along with Professor Laventon and ask for a battle.

Akari or Rei will use three pokemon in the battle, a level 46 Mr. Mime, a level 46 Staravia and a level 47 Pikachu. Once you defeat Akari or Rei’s lineup, you are free to head off to Alabaster Icelands.

Alabaster Icelands

As you reach the Alabaster Icelands, you will again be greeted by Professor Laventon. He will give you a quick rundown of all the Pokemon you can find in Alabaster Icelands. You are then joined by Adaman and Irida as well as you make your way to Avalugg’s Legacy.

As you get close, you are faced with Gaeric who challenges you with his ice-type pokemon, a level 24 Frosslass and a level 48 Glalie. Once you beat Gaeric, he will inform you that you must get the Eternal ice to beat Avalugg and require Warden Sabi’s help.

Warden Sabi and Snowpoint Temple

Warden Sabi arrives as Gaeric is providing you this crucial piece of information, but as you try to talk to her, she will fly away on her Braviary. You need to follow her by following her marker on the map until you catch up to her.

Warden Sabi will again fly off and this time head to Snowpoint Temple. You need to again follow her and get to Snowpoint Temple. Here, you get to speak with Warden Sabi and then she disappears into the temple.

You too follow her inside and need to make your way to the top to again find Warden Sabi. Inside the temple, there are various puzzles you need to solve to progress.

Once you finally get to the top floor and confront Warden Sabi, you have to battle her. Warden Sabi will use a level 30 Magmortar, a level 30 Electivire and a level 50 Rhyperior.

Once you have defeated them, you will then face a level 54 Braviary. Defeating Braviary will earn you a Sky Plate which allows you to ride Braviary.

Path to Eternal Ice

The next step is to get the Eternal Ice which can be used to quell Avalugg. Ironically, the Eternal Ice is on top of the Avalugg’s Legacy. You fly straight to the top of Avalugg’s legacy from the temple using Braviary.

Here, you get the Eternal ice and then Speak to Gaeric. He calls you to meet him at Icepeak Arenato to face Avalugg and calm it down.

As you get to Icepeak Arena, you meet Gaeric and Volo. They provide you with some advice on what to expect as you go to face Avalugg.

Fight with Noble Avalugg

At this point, you already know what to do to quell the Noble Pokemon. You need to avoid getting hit by Noble Avalugg’s attacks. As you continue to dodge Avalugg, you must throw balms at him made with the Eternal Ice.

Avalugg is aggressive and tosses out ice balls almost continuously when you face him. He also has an Ice beam, but this attack does come with a recharge so you can get in 4 to 5 throws fast.

You will keep on throwing balms and finally quell Avalugg. Once the task is done, you will get Icicle Plater and some wardens will meet you on the top. After you are done with the conversation, go back to Jubilife Village and report to Commander Kamado.

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