How to Get a Shiny Ponyta in Pokemon Legends Arceus

A Shiny Pokemon is one of the rarest variants of any Pokemon species. These Pokemon are mostly found in the...

A Shiny Pokemon is one of the rarest variants of any Pokemon species. These Pokemon are mostly found in the wild and are part of side quests. In this guide, we’ll be locating a rare shiny Ponyta in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Ponyta

Finding a Shiny Pokemon in any Pokemon game is a struggle. You’ll have to work hard to get a glimpse of these rare species of Pokemon.

Initially, the concept of giving away players a free shiny was first introduced as a part of Pokémon Gold and Silver. Pokemon Legends follows the same concept by providing players with a free Shiny Ponyta in return for completing a Request.

Shiny Ponyta Location

To get a shiny Ponyta in Pokemon LA, you must first complete Request#19, A Peculiar Ponyta. Then, simply visit the Galaxy Hall and find the request from the Request board. The request will be unlocked after completing The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods.

Once you’ve got the request on your list, visit Jubilife Village and talk to Yota, who’s waiting for you at the western part of the bridge.

This is where you get assigned a task to find a Shiny Ponyta at Obsidian Fieldlands (Horseshoe Plains). Once at the Horseshoe Plains, your main aim is to look for a Ponyta with blue flames and not red, as this is going to be your Shiny Pokemon expedition.

You’ll probably find the rare species roaming around in the wild. However, this is where you must stay put and approach it without scaring it away as Ponyta is one sensitive creature and will run away as soon as it senses danger.

Sneak up from behind and catch it via your Poke ball. This is how you successfully catch a guaranteed shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Rewards for Catching Shiny Ponyta

Each request you fulfill grants you a reward that can come in handy soon. So the same pattern is followed with this request as well. Once you’ve caught the shiny Pokemon, head back to Jubilife Village, where you first found Yota, and talk to him again, but this time for completing his request and receiving five Razz Berries as a reward.

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