Pokemon Legends Arceus The Frenzy of Lord of the Woods Walkthrough

This guide will help you clear the main story quest in Pokemon Legends Arceus, Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods which involves the first boss fight in the game!

This guide will help you clear the main story quest in Pokemon Legends Arceus, Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods which involves the first boss fight in the game!

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Frenzy of Lord of the Woods

To start the mission, go and talk to Captain Cyllene. You will learn about Kleavor and how strong it is. Kleavor is a noble Pokemon highly regarded by the Pearl Clan, but its state of frenzy has them worried. You must set out to learn about Kleavors offerings in order to appease him.

In this conversation, Adaman enters the room and requests for you to study and quell the beast.

You then speak with Mai, who tells you that you will locate Kleavor at its throne in Grandtree Arena in Heartwood. She also informs you that Lian is the warden of the Arena.

Journey to Heartwood

You head off to Grandtree Arena from Heights Camp as it is closest to the arena. As you march on to Grandtree Arena, it is recommended that you visit the pasture that is on the right to the entrance of the camp to switch and level up your Pokemon.

Kleavor is a Bug/Rock-type Pokemon, so its weakness is Water/Rock-type attacks. If you don’t have Oshawott as a starting partner, you can find Water-type Pokemon such as Buizel or catch a Psyduck near the outskirts of the arena. As for rock types, Geodudes hang around the outskirts of the heights camp; grab one from there.

Simply follow the quest marker towards the arena. You need to cross a small bridge that’s actually a mini Bidoof dam leading to Grandtree arena. You’ll encounter a magnificent Alpha Bibarel here! Catch it if you can for your research.

Warden Lian

Crossing the bridge, move through the heartwood and you will come across the warden Lian. He lets you know that Kleavor became frenzied after being struck by lightning and is too strong and dangerous for you to face. This will start your battle with Lian. This is an easy fight as so long as your party is over level 15.

After you defeat Lian, he again warns you that Kleavor is too dangerous for you to go and present its offerings. During the commotion, Pearl Clan’s leader Irida joins and helps in gathering offerings for Kleavor

Reporting your Findings

While Irida gathers the food, you are to head back to Jubilife Village report your findings. You are prompted to fast travel to Jubilife Village and talk to Professor Laventon. He will invent teatime Balls.


As you leave after talking to Professor Laventon, you will meet Adaman at the Heights Camp with Wyrdeer. Here, Adaman will teach you a new song to play on your Celestica Flute and Wyrdeer gives you a Mind Plate. This allows you to call Wyrdeer to ride on, allowing you to quickly get to Grandtree Arena.

Return to Grandtree Arena

As you return to Grandtree Arena, you find Irida opposing you. She wants to see if you are worthy of standing Infront of the Frenzied Noble Kleavor. You fight her and her level 17 Glaceon. Glaceon is an Ice-type Pokemon, meaning it’s weak to Fighting, Fire, Steel and Rock-type attacks. Defeating, Irida will give you the Soothing Balm to take on frenzied Noble Kleavor.

Battle with Kleavor

You now come face to face with Kleavor, the frenzied Lord of the Woods. Kleavor will attack you, and you need to keep on throwing Soothing Balm bags at him till his frenzied bar depletes.

You can do this two ways. You can run around and keep on throwing the bags at Kleavor, or you can damage him with any Pokemon and then throw the bags.

To start a Pokemon battle with kleavor, simply dodge out of the way when he charges. Kleavor will crash into a wall or the nearby tree and you can toss a Pokemon at him. If Kleavor falls in battle, he takes twice the Soothing from the balms.

Once you calm down Kleavor, he will give you the Insect Plate and this will end the mission. You will talk with Irida and discuss the cause of the lightning that struck Kleavor.

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