Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions Guide

In this Pokemon Legends Arceus guide, we’ll look into Space-Time Distortions, how to enter this unique event, and its uses....

In this Pokemon Legends Arceus guide, we’ll look into Space-Time Distortions, how to enter this unique event, and its uses. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, random events form during the game. You’ll have the notification for these events once you’re in the Third Star Rank of the Galaxy Expedition Team. These events are known as the Space-Time Distortions.

Where Do Space-Time Distortions Occur

Once you’ve gotten rid of the Noble Pokemon Kleavor, the Space-Time Distortion events will start appearing randomly while you are busy exploring and catching Pokemon in the areas of Sinnoh.

Space-Time Distortions have no time; hence they appear randomly and disappear quickly. There’s no specific spell or trigger for them to occur; you’ll get the notification for it once there’s one. It will always happen in the area you’re present in, so don’t worry about running around and getting to one on time.

These appear as purple domes that cover some land area with swirling energy above it. You have a time limit that allows you to explore the dome, so be sure you’re there as soon as you’re notified.

What’s Inside a Space-time Distortion

Now that we know what a Space-time Distortion is, let’s dive into what it holds for the players of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

You can simply walk through the storm covering the dome to enter a Space-time Distortion. Once you’re in there, there’s an assortment of precious and rare items alongside powerful Pokemon.

The dome is littered with Pokemon items that are either unique, expensive, or rare to find. You’ll also come across Colored Shards that can be used to craft a Star Piece and sold for a whopping 5,000 Pokedollars!

You’ll also be able to collect items like Nuggets and Evolution items. Just like Colored Shards, these are also helpful to earn some cash.

Encounters in Distortion Fields

The Pokemon in the dome will appear and disappear from the ground. Therefore, you have to be very quick to catch and battle them. Therefore, our recommendation is to go ham!

Battle as many in the time you have and capture them. Also, be careful as many of them are hostile and will attack you as soon as you appear in sight. Hide behind the grass and attack to stun and capture.

Don’t laze around and get whatever you can while you can! There are chances you can catch anachronistic Pokemon that don’t usually appear in Hisui, which includes Porygon, Porygon Z, Magnemite, Cranidos, and Sneasel!

We recommend you always enter a Space-time Distortion dome and acquire as many unique items and Pokemon as you can. The contentious battles with hostile Pokemon might sound intimidating; however, the reward for those is unmatchable and hefty!

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