How to Find and Evolve Chansey in Pokemon Legends Arceus

This guide will help you find Chansey and even outline how you can evolve Chansey into  Blissey in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Chansey is the lovable Normal Type Egg bearing Pokemon which makes a return in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This guide will help you find Chansey, its base form Happiny and even outline how you can evolve Chansey into Blissey in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Where to Find Chansey in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Chansey is widely known for its kind heart and nutritious eggs. The eggs are so good that they are called as “Doctor’s Doubles”. We’ve outlined the location of Chansey in PLA and even mentioned where to get its base form, Happiny, in case you can’t find it.

Head to the south of the Avalanche Slopes at Alabaster Icelands in the wildeness of the Husui region and locate a small cliff to find Chansey.

It’s a rare spawn so you may have to reload the area and be on the lookout for this big pink Pokemon! Once you see one, approach Chansey with caution and they may make use of berries to distract Chansey.

There lives an Alpha Chansey to the east of Oreburrow tunnel in the Obsidian Fiedlands region in PLA. The Alpha Chansey is at the top of tunnel.

The alternate way of getting Chansey is to find a baby Pokemon Happiny. Happiny is located at the Obsidian Fieldlands region, inside Oreburrow Tunnel or Obsidian Falls.

Alternatively, you could find and catch a Happiny at Cobalt Coastlands in Hideaway Bay or at Alabaster Icelands at the Avalanche Slopes. There’s a chance that Happiny may run off, so try and sneak up on it.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Chansey Location

How to Evolve Chansey

After getting your hands on Chansey in PLA, the next sensible step is evolve it. Chansey can be evolved into a powerful Normal Type Pokemon, Blissey.

You can either evolve a Happiny into a Chansey and then further proceed to evolve it to Blissey or directly catch Chansey in the Husui Wild and evolve it io Blissey.

To evolve Happiny to Chansey in PLA, you’ll require the Oval Stone. One easy way to get the Oval Stone is by buying it from the Trading Post in Jubilife Village for 400 Merit Points.

The Oval Stone can also be found inside the Ore Veins or Crystals. One last point to find the Oval Stone is mount Pokemon Ursaluna while travelling and finding treasure.

Evolving Chansey into Blissey has a different requirement. You need to raise your friendship with Chansey to certain level to evolve it into a Blissey.

The friendship stat is hidden but can be checked by Friendship Checker. The checker is located in Jubilife Village but needs a request completed to offer his services.

One of the best ways to increase friendship with Chansey is to have it in the party and use it during battles. Another way is by having it collect resources from ores and trees etc.

When friendship is high enough, an option to evolve Chansey appears. Simply navigate to you’re the Chansey in your party and open up the menu and hit evolve!

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