How to Raise Friendship in Pokemon Legends Arceus

This Pokemon Legends Arceus Friendship guide helps you check your Pokemon's friendship level and details how you can increase it.

Friendship is a feature that allows certain Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon Legends Arceus. There are a few steps you must follow to check and increase your Friendship level. These steps include finding an NPC, gathering resources with your Pokemon, as well as taking part in duels. This Pokemon Legends Arceus Friendship guide helps you check your Pokemon’s friendship level and details how you can increase it.

How Does Friendship Work in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Knowing how to check your Pokemon’s friendship can play an important role in its evolution as a few Pokemon require maximum Friendship to evolve in PLA. Below we’ve given detailed information on how you can check and increase your Friendship Levels in Arceus.

How to Raise Friendship in PLA

Learning how to check your Friendship level in Arceus opens up a path to increase those levels. However, unlike checking your Friendship levels, increasing them is difficult. This is due to the lack of held items and the Soothing Bell in Arceus, making it a longer than expected procedure.

There are several different ways you can Raise the Happiness level with your Pokemon in Pokemon LA. We have listed them below

  • Gather Resources with your Pokemon
  • Feed Pokemon
  • Take Part in Duels

Resource Gathering

One of the ways to increase the friendship level in Pokemon Legends Arceus is to use your Pokemon to collect different resources such as plants, ores, and berries.

Going on resource-gathering missions with your Pokemon will increase your friendship level with Pokemon in a quick manner.

How to Feed Pokemon to increase Happiness in PLA?

The fastest way to level up your friendship with a Pokemon is to feed it Experience Points Candies. Feeding around 20 small EXP candies is enough for a Pokemon to get a higher level of Friendship. You can get these candies by defeating Alpha Pokemon.

Alternatively, you can always buy EXP candies at the treat stand or use your Pokemon to battle weaker opponents and gradually fill your pocket with EXP candies.


Another method to increase happiness with a Pokemon in PLA is taking part in fights and duels against other Pokemon. However, when taking part in fights, make sure that your Pokemon does not faint, as this will cause a reduction in friendship level.

How to Check Friendship Level

Checking one’s Friendship has been a part of the Pokemon franchise for some time. However, Arceus follows the same idea while changing the main concept a bit as now you need to visit an NPC if you want to check your Pokemon’s friendship level.

Arceus’ map is relatively less populated as compared to most Pokemon games making it easier for you to search for the NPC if you’re looking forward to checking your affection levels.

PLA Friendship Checker Location

To find the Friendship Checker NPC, you have to play PLA till Request #28 – Measuring Your Compatibility opens up. This quest will allow you to find Belamy (The NPC) standing near the Pastures, east of Jubilife Village. There, Belamy offers you a request to complete, which acts as a side quest.

Before actually accepting his request, you must complete the game till the main story, mission seven, and defeat Kleavor at the end. Once that’s out of the way, you can now accept Belamy’s request.

The request is quite simple. Just show him any one of your starter Pokemon with a high friendship level. This will pretty much sum up the entire side quest, and you can find Belamy near the Jubilife Village for future queries.

Max Friendship and Friendship Levels

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, there are several different levels of Friendship, and you can know the current level of your friendship with the Pokemon through Belamy.

  • If your friendship level is between 100 and 149, he will say that it is good but can be better.
  • If your friendship level is between 150 and 199, he will say that you must be great partners.
  • If your friendship level is between 200 and 254, he will say the friendship between you and your Pokemon is excellent.
  • At friendship level 255, it will be at the maximum level

Friendship Evolutions Explained

Just like previous Pokemon games, there are some Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus that also evolve based on their affection level. While the bulk of the Pokedex doesn’t really require any friendship to evolve, there are some that rely on specific friendship levels before that Pokemon will evolve in PLA.

Below we have provided the complete list of all Pokemon that evolve in PLA based on their happiness level

  • Golbat (evolves into Crobat)
  • Munchlax (evolves into Snorlax)
  • Pichu (evolves into Pikachu)
  • Buneary (evolves into Lopunny)
  • Chansey (evolves into Blissey)
  • Budew (evolves into Rosalia)
  • Togepi (evolves into Togetic)
  • Cleffa (evolves into Clefairy)
  • Chingling (evolves into Chimecho)
  • Riolu (evolves into Lucario)
  • Eevee

While the other friendship evolutions in PLA are straightforward, Eevee and its eeveelutions are a bit complex as those evolutions rely on friendship level, time of day and moves.

  • If Eevee knows a Fairy-type move and has a high enough happiness level, it will evolve into Sylveon.
  • An Eevee without Fairy-type move but a high affection level in PLA will evolve into Espeon at Daytime or Umbreon at Nightime.

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