How to Evolve Basculin in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, players have the freedom to catch all 250+ Pokemon and evolve them to their advanced form with ease. In this guide, we will discuss where to find and evolve Basculin into Basculegion, a rideable water-type in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Where to Find and Catch Basculin in PLA

Basculin is a Water-type Pokemon that is mostly found underwater. Basculin is a new Pokemon making its debut in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The water-type Pokemon Basculin comes in three different forms: Red Stripes, White Stripes, and Blue Stripes. In addition, you can evolve Basculins that have white stripes on them.

Below are the different locations where you will find Basculin and catch them:

There are a total of three biomes where you will be able to find and capture a Basculin:

  • Alabaster Icelands – Lake Acuity and Heart’s Crag
  • Cobalt Coastlands – Islespy Shore and Tranquility Cove
  • Coronet Highlands – Fabled Spring

The different locations where you will find Basculin will have different levels. For example, Basculins caught in the Alabaster Icelands will be of a higher level than the Basculins that you catch at the other locations.

The purpose of catching higher-level Basculins is to get one of the two moves required for the Evolution process.

How to Evolve Basculin in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The process for evolving Basculin is a lot easier than other Pokemon. To evolve Basculin, you need to receive a total of 294 damage in recoil from its attacks.

Now, you will need to have either Double Edge or Wave Crash attacks equipped on Basculin. However, these attacks are unlocked at Level 43 and 34, respectively.

It is best to stack up the damage from multiple fights rather than doing it in one fight, or else you will knock out Basculin. So pick a fight against fire, rock, and ground-type Pokemon to finish them quickly and stack up recoil damage.

Head to areas like Coronet Highlands to fight against rock and ground-type Pokemon. Once you have done 294 recoil damage to Basculin, you can now evolve Basculin into Basculegion.