Pokemon Go Pokestops And Gyms Locations Map, Find Pokestops and Gyms Easily

If you are having trouble with Pokemon Go not displaying Pokemon Go Pokestops and Gyms on the map, you can follow these simple steps to find them.

Pokemon Go has been a hit with fans, however, with so many players playing the game, it seems a bit overloaded. Because of Pokemon Go being overloaded with players, everyone is having difficulty loading Pokemon Go Pokestops locations and Pokemonn Go Gyms locations in the game as it gets stuck loading.

Thankfully, there is a great way to overcome this issue and find Pokestops locations and Pokemon gyms locations in Pokemon Go, if they are not showing up on the map. The solution comes in the form of Ingress, which is also developed by Niantic Inc.

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How? Well, Ingress and Pokemon Go are quite similar to each other and since Ingress helped the Niantic to chose Pokestops locations and Pokemon Go Gyms locations, as the developer created the data pool for Pokestops and Pokemon Go Gyms by collecting submissions from Ingress players.

The solution is simple, as Pokestops and Pokemon Go Gyms locations are same as the portals in Ingress, using the fully browse-able map of ingress to locate portals, players can find the Pokemon Go Pokestops and Pokemon Go Gyms locations.

All you have to do is download Ingress and sign in with your Google account, just follow the steps the game asks you to follow – mostly these include agreeing to software agreement and similar things.

As soon as your google account is recognized to be used for Ingress, just follow this link, log in with the same Google account and you will be able to use Ingress map for locating Pokeshops and Gyms in Pokemon Go.


The blue circles represent the portals in Ingress, and these are your Pokemon Go Pokestops and Pokemon Go Gyms locations.

However, you will have to be a little patient as Ingress website is little slow, and by installing some plug-ins to your browser you can remove all the irrelevant locations.

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