Pokemon Go Pokemon Types Farming Guide – Where to Find All Pokemon Types

Where to find all 18 Pokemon Go Pokemon Types such as normal, fairy and farm them to your heart's content using Lure Modules and Incense.

There are a total of 17 Pokemon Types in location-based augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go. Pokemon belonging to these Pokemon Types share similar strengths and weaknesses.

These Pokemon Types include bug, dark, dragon, electric, fairy, fighting, fire, flying, ghost, water, steel, rock, psychic, poison, normal, ice, ground, and grass. Usually a Pokemon is of a single type, but there are also a few Pokemon belonging to two types.

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Pokemon Go Pokemon Types Guide

Since a Pokemon has specific strengths and weaknesses against other Pokemon, it is a good idea to have different Pokemon Types in your team to counter any situation you are thrown into – especially when it comes to Gym Battles!

Our Pokemon Go Pokemon Types guide provides a list of locations where you can find different types of Pokemon. However, before we begin, do note that there are currently no Dark-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

If you are looking to farm a specific Pokemon Go Pokemon Type, you can always head to the specific location, use an in-game item like Lure Module or Incense and farm them to your heart’s content for whole 30 minutes!

Pokemon Go Pokemon Types and Where to Find Them

Pokemon Go Normal-Type Pokemon
You can find Normal-Type Pokemon in places like boundaries, land, places, roads, transit, college, commercial, common, footway, hospital, hotel, library, major roads, minor roads, pedestrian, pitch, playa, recreational spots, retail, runway, school, sports center, stadium, and university.

Pokemon Go Rock-Type Pokemon
You can find Rock-Type Pokemon in places like buildings, landmass, highways, industrial areas, parking, quarry, railway, and urban areas.

Pokemon Go Steel-Type Pokemon
You can find Steel-Type Pokemon in places like buildings and railways.

Pokemon Go Grass-Type Pokemon
You can find Grass-Type Pokemon in places like landmass, farms, farmland, farmyard, forest, garden, golf course, grass, meadows, natural reserves, parks, paths, playgrounds, residential areas, and woods.

Pokemon Go Ground-Type Pokemon
You can find Ground-Type Pokemon in places like landmass, ditch, land, parking, playground, railway, taxiway, and urban areas.

Pokemon Go Dragon-Type Pokemon
You can find Dragon-Type Pokemon in places like POIs and cities.

Pokemon Go Fairy-Type Pokemon
You can find Fairy-Type Pokemon in places like POIs, cemetery, and places of worship.

Pokemon Go Water-Type Pokemon
You can find Water-Type Pokemon in places like water, basin, canals, dock, drain, glacier, lakes, ocean, reservoir, river, riverbank, and stream.

Pokemon Go Ghost-Type Pokemon
You can find Ghost-Type Pokemon in places like cemetery.

Pokemon Go Dark-Type Pokemon
There are no Dark-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Bug-Type Pokemon
You can find Bug-Type Pokemon in places like farms, farmland, farmyard, forest, garden, golf course, grass, nature reserve, parks, paths, playgrounds, and woods.

Pokemon Go Flying-Type Pokemon
You can find Flying-Type Pokemon in places like farms, farmland, farmyard, forest, garden, grass, nature reserve, parks, and woods.

Pokemon Go Ice-Type Pokemon
You can find Ice-Type Pokemon in places like glaciers.

Pokemon Go Electric-Type Pokemon
You can find Electric-Type Pokemon in places like industrial areas.

Pokemon Go Fire-Type Pokemon
You can find Fire-Type Pokemon in places like residential areas.

Pokemon Go Fighting-Type Pokemon
You can find Fighting-Type Pokemon in places like sports complex and stadiums.

Pokemon Go Poison-Type Pokemon
You can find Poison-Type Pokemon in places like wetlands.

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This is all we have on our Pokemon Go Pokemon Types guide and where to find them. If you know of any more locations that we forgot to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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