Pokemon Go Estimated Downloads Reach At 75 Million Worldwide

An app analytic firm has released some new figures based on their data that Pokemon Go estimated downloads are 75 million worldwide.

Pokemon Go is breaking all kinds of records for  a mobile app. The game has broken the record for most downloaded app on the App Store in the launch week.

It seems that Pokemon Go is going to break more records, as an app analytic firm has brought some new data which suggests that Pokemon Go estimated downloads has reached record high.

According to app analytics firm Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go Estimated downloads has reached 50 million on Google Play. Overall the company mention 75 million Pokemon Go estimated downloads across iOS and Android based on their data.

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The time it took Pokemon Go to reach 50 million downloads on Android is also a record across mobile games. To put the news into context, Sensor Tower did a comparison with other apps who reached 50 million downloads in record time.

Color Switch and Slither.io took 77 and 81 days respectively to pass the 50 million mark. However, Pokemon Go reached its 50 million downloads mark in just 19 days.

According to Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go still have a lot of potential left in it. As the game is only available in 32 countries across the world, out of the 100 possible countries where these stores distribute their content. According to the firm, Pokemon Go will reach 100 million downloads within first two months is totally achievable.

For the sake of comparison, Tinder reached 100 million downloads in January 2016. While the app originally launched in 2012. In all fairness games tend to achieve these milestones more quickly but it is getting a little harder to distinguish Pokemon Go as a game from Pokemon Go as social experience.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android,

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