How to Stop Evolution in Pokemon BDSP

In this guide, we’ll be sharing information on how to stop evolution in Pokemon BDSP and keep it in its old form.

When a Pokemon meets a certain requirement in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, it can evolve into its next form. However, sometimes you might want to keep a Pokemon at its current stage. In this guide, we’ll be sharing information on how to stop evolution in Pokemon BDSP.

How to Stop Evolution in Pokemon BDSP

When it comes to stopping a Pokemon from evolving, there are two options. You can either stop a from evolving manually or with the help of an Everstone.

Continue reading to learn how to halt evolution manually or with an Everstone to allow a Pokemon to learn moves faster.

Manual Method – Press B

The evolution process will begin every time your Pokemon levels up after reaching the appropriate level for evolution.

To cancel the evolution process manually, all you need is to press B on your Switch when you see the evolution screen. Then you’ll see a popup telling you that your Pokemon has stopped evolving. Easy Right!

Hold Everstone

The second method to stop a Pokemon from evolving is using an Everstone. The Everstone, when held by a Pokemon, averts evolution.

This is a better strategy to prevent starting the evolution process without having to press B.

Benefits of Stopping Evolution

The question here is why you should bother stopping the evolution process of a Pokemon. Read on to get the answer.

Learn Moves at an Earlier Level

One reason for halting evolution is to allow a Pokemon to learn moves more quickly. Unevolved Pokemon learn moves at a lower level than the Pokemon that they evolve into

Pokemon that evolve frequently may lose the ability to learn these moves entirely. So, to prevent that you are required to halt the evolution of a Pokemon.

Baby Pokemon Moves

Many Baby Pokemon have unique moves that can only be learned during the evolution process, thus postponing evolution for these Pokemon is advised in order to learn these unique moves.

Stopping Unwanted Evolution

Another motive for halting evolution may be to prevent a Pokemon from accidentally evolving to an undesirable branch.

Stopping Evolution is not Permanent

Stopping evolution once will not prevent Pokemon from evolving again in the future. All that is required to re-evolve the Pokemon once it has stopped evolving is to complete the evolution criteria once again.

For instance, if a Pokemon evolves at Level 45 and its evolution is halted, it will try to evolve again at Level 46.

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