Pokemon BDSP Secret Base Location, How to Expand and Decorate

In this guide, we will tell you how to make a Secret Base in Pokemon BDSP Grand Underground area and decorate it to your style.

The Grand Underground in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is where a huge chunk of the game takes place. Due to that, it’s only natural that you would have a base in the Grand Underground to help you travel around. This Pokemon BDSP Secret Base guide will go over the features of this hidden area in the Grand Underground and give tips to improve it.

Pokemon BDSP Secret Base Location

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Secret Base was a feature already present in the old Pokemon Diamon and Pearl and this time they make a return in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as part of the Grand Underground.

However, you can’t just enter the Grand Underground and build a base there as there are some prerequisites you need to complete beforehand and tools you need to acquire.

Start by going to Eterna City and making your way to the “Underground Man’s House”, located in the middle of the city.

Once you go inside the house, talk to the old man and he will give you an Explorer Kit.

How to Get Digger Drill

Now go and visit the Grand Underground area at least once after which you need to go back and talk to the old man again. He will tell you to go down and dig up some treasure for him.

You need to go back to the underground and look for the shiny dots on the mini-map. Dig up any one of them to collect the treasure and go back to the old man.

This time he will award you with the Drilling Kit and a digger drill. This is what you need to build your secret base.

Keep in mind that digger drills are a limited-use item. To get more digger drills in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you will have to purchase them from Sphere Traders.

Sphere Traders in the Grand Underground can sell you more Digger Drills in exchange for Small Spheres.

How to Make Secret Base

Go back again to the underground area and decide where you want your base to be. Once you’ve found the ideal spot, simply walk up to the nearby wall and dig in it to create your base.

You can then enter your newly created secret base and place different statues inside that will give you various boosts. You can change the position and orientation of these statues as you see fit.

How to Expand Secret Base in Pokemon BDSP

There are special sphere traders in the Grand Underground areas of the map. These traders offer a variety of services like trading spheres and treasures with you. There is one on each of the 4 corners of the map. Among the services they offer is the service to expand your base.

But it doesn’t come cheap and will require a huge amount of both small and large spheres till you can get your base expanded to the max.

You can buy the expansion two times, the first time gives you 16 additional tiles, and the second and final expansion gives you 28 more tiles.

Pokemon BDSP Secret Base Decorations

The only types of decorations available to players are Statues. You can place and modify these Statues using pedestals. To get pedestals, you need to go to sphere traders again and purchase them.

Statues aren’t merely for decoration, they also increase your Pokemon encounter chances based on the type of Statue.

This game is very different from the originals in terms of how you decorate your Secret Bases. The goal of your Secret Base decoration here is to install numerous statues, rather than using various decor.

These statues are then utilized to increase the probability of obtaining a Pokémon of a certain kind, with the type the statue determined by the type of the Pokémon it is based on.

Only one boost is available at a time, and the more of each type you use, the stronger the boost.

If just one statue is installed, the boost is provided to the type with the highest value, which defaults to the Primary type. The secondary kind has less impact than the primary.

If you lay down a Charizard, an Infernape, and a Heat Rotom, the boost will be Fire, however, if you put down a Charizard, a Colour Gyarados, and a Crobat, the boost would be Flying.

You can have up to 18 statues up at once, and they must all fit. Statues come in a variety of sizes dependent on the Pokémon, and you can buy Pedestals to set them on for decorating.

You can, however, expand your Secret Base by swapping shards with one of the Grand Underground’s Hikers.

The greater the impact on wild Pokemon, the larger the statue. Color statues have two different influences, whereas Legendary statues have a triple effect.

There are three types of statues, each of which provides different bonuses. Collecting 40 Diglett in one underground session increases your chances of getting a Color Statue.

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