How to Dig for Treasure in Pokemon BDSP

The treasure digging minigame is one of the core gameplay aspects of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. You can uncover treasure and various other items through digging and this guide will teach you how to dig for treasure in Pokemon BDSP.

How to Dig for Treasure in Pokemon BDSP

To begin with, one should interact with yellow spots on the walls to initiate the process of finding the treasure. Tools that can be used here are a sledgehammer and a pickaxe.

Just click on red and blue icons to select sledgehammer and pickaxe, respectively. Now, you can start digging the ground by using these tools.

One can also make alternate use of both the tools and can switch between these two tools anytime by simply pressing R.

A sledgehammer works quicker than a pickaxe, as it digs a larger area. On the other hand, pickaxe digs a smaller area comparatively, but it is important when you need to dig the ground with accuracy.

So, you should start the digging process with a sledgehammer to find treasure. Once you find it, use a pickaxe to dig accurately.


The players should make sure that all items are visible to them before the wall falls down. This is because only the items that are uncovered can be obtained when the wall collapses.

The players will be informed about the number of items that are hiding at that spot before they begin with the minigame.

Tips for Digging

  • Make sure that you use the red hammer to search for treasures, as it digs an area of 3×3.
  • One should avoid digging the areas that are already dug out.
  • The players should prefer uncovering a maximum number of items instead of keeping on digging one item. Try to at least dig some part of all items in that specific area, so you won’t miss out on any important or rare item.

Tips to Find Treasure

  • First, look for yellow spots on the minimap. Once you find the yellow spots, press the R button to get the exact location of the yellow spot.
  • Now, face the yellow spot on the wall and start digging for treasure by pressing A.
  • Do not bother about the yellow spots on the ground, as they are either traps or spheres.

How to Dig for Treasures with Friends

The players will be automatically connected with other players by either local network or online when they enter the Grand Underground.

The players can go digging where the yellow spots are adjacent to each other, so they perform all the procedures together.

We hope that this guide helps you to find and dig treasure in the game. So, get ready for an adventurous journey to find some rare items.

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