Pokemon BDSP Ribbons Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you where you can find all Pokemon BDSP Ribbons scattered throughout the game's region

Ribbons in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are a way for players to show off their progress and skill to other players. In total, there are 39 ribbons for players to collect and this Pokemon BDSP Ribbons guide will explain how to get each one of these ribbons.

How to Get Ribbons in Pokemon BDSP

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Ribbons can be obtained in the following ways in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

  • Speaking to Julia
  • Winning Super Contest Shows
  • Completing Battle Tower challenges
  • Purchasable Ribbon

In this guide, we will show you how to obtain Pokemon BDSP Ribbons from each one of these activities and which ones you can exactly collect.

However, before jumping onto the types of ribbons, let’s discuss the benefits of acquiring them.

Benefits of Ribbons

Don’t get your expectations too high as when you obtain any kind of ribbon, it won’t affect your Pokemon in any shape or form and won’t contribute to the HP Stats. However, they’re not completely useless.

They provide a huge benefit upon collection. They enable the players to access different types of competitions and contests.

You need to own ten different ribbons in order to gain access to the Ribbon Syndicate. Overall they’re cool collectibles that are worth all of your efforts.

Julia Ribbons

Julia can provide you with seven Ribbons if you find her at Sunyshore City. To obtain these Ribbons, simply speak with Julia. You’ll get different Ribbons depending on what day it is.

It is important to note that you can only obtain one Ribbon per day, so you must return to Julia for the entire week to obtain all of the Ribbons.

If you return to Julia on the same day, it won’t work and you will have to return the next day to give another story.

Here is a list of all Ribbons you can obtain from Julia along with their respective days.

  • Alert Ribbon: Monday
  • Shock Ribbon: Tuesday
  • Downcast Ribbon: Wednesday
  • Careless Ribbon: Thursday
  • Relax Ribbon: Friday
  • Snooze Ribbon: Saturday
  • Smile Ribbon: Sunday

How to Get Contest Ribbons

Hearthome City Super Contest Shows in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl can provide a few Ribbons. In the city of Hearthome, there are five contests that you must win in order to obtain the ribbons.

Each Contest has four Ribbons available, and your rank in the contest determines which of the four Ribbons you receive.

The following is a list of all the Ribbons available, and what rank you need to achieve in the said contest to get that ribbon.

Coolness Contest

  • Cool Ribbon Master: Unlocked at Master Rank

Beauty Contest

  • Beauty Ribbon Master: Unlocked at Master Rank

Cuteness Contest

  • Cute Ribbon Master: Unlocked at Master Rank

Cleverness Contest

  • Smart Ribbon Master: Unlocked at Master Rank

Toughness Contest

  • Tough Ribbon Master: Unlocked at Master Rank

Best Contest Moves

Super Contest is Pokemon BDSP’s version of a catwalk, where your pokemon is judged on the basis of its visuals, dance, and move.

There’re five different kinds of Super Contests that you can enter:

  • Beauty
  • Cleverness
  • Coolness
  • Cuteness
  • Toughness

Once the contest is over, your visual rating, dance rating, and move rating will all be added together to give you a final score.

Improving your Visual Score

Visual score defines how good-looking and cute your Pokemon is and what Ball Capsule it comes out of to shine.

As far as the Pokemon is concerned, you can feed it Poffins prior to the contest. Poffins are known for increasing the attribute values of your Pokemon.

The amount and kind of attribute that increases is dependent on what berries were used to cook the Poffin.

While feeding Poffins to your Pokemon, you need to know what kind of contest you’re entering.

If it’s a toughness contest, feed them the Poffin that increases their toughness. And, if the Pokemon seems to enjoy eating a particular Poffin, feeding it that Poffin would increase its attributes slightly more.

Moving on to the Ball Capsules. You can decorate them using stickers to improve your visual score.

Brownie points for decorating it with stickers that match the theme of the contest!

You can get stickers by defeating Gym Leaders, talking to NPCs, winning contests, or exchanging them at the Pick A Peck Of Colors Flower Shop in Floarama Town.

Improving Your Dance Scores

You’ll get your dance rating from the judges based on a mini-game that follows after you’ve been judged on your visuals.

A Pokeball will appear across your screen, and when it does, you’ll have to press A right in time.

There’ll be longer notes as well, and they’ll require you to press and hold A while they last.

Brilliant/Shining notes will grant you more points, Great Notes will grant you less points, and Nice Notes will grant you the least points.

Keep continuing this practice until your heart meter fills up. The mini-game will be more challenging on higher ranks and less challenging on lower ranks.

Improving Your Move Scores

Lastly, the Super Contests will require you to make move chains to earn more points and improve your chances of winning a contest.

You’ll have to pick a specific move while entering the contest, and later on you’ll have to initiate that move during the dance mini-game by pressing X.

If you time it right and you’re able to make a move chain with the rest of the contestants, you’ll get additional points for it.

Battle Tower Rewards Ribbons

Ribbons can also be obtained at the Battle Tower in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The Battle Tower is located in the Battle Zone, North in the Battle Park. To first unlock the Battle Zone, you will have had to beat the game first.

Here is a list of Ribbons you can obtain from the Battle Tower.

  • Ability Ribbon: Defeat the Tower Tycoon
  • Great Ability Ribbon: Defeat the Tower Tycoon for a second time
  • Double Ability Ribbon: Win 50 consecutive Double Battles
  • Multi Ability Ribbon: Win 50 consecutive Multi Battles
  • Pair Ability Ribbon: Win 50 consecutive Multi Battles with another player over local network
  • World Ability Ribbon: Complete the Wi-Fi Battle Tower challenge

Syndicate Ribbons

There are a few ribbons that can be purchased in the game as well. These ribbons can be purchased from Syndicate in the Battle Zone’s Resort Area.

This area is unlocked in the post-game, and the Pokémon in your party must have at least 10 ribbons between them to gain access to the building where these ribbons can be purchased.

Following is the list of the purchasable ribbons and their corresponding prices.

  • Gorgeous Ribbon: Price 10,000
  • Royal Ribbon: Price 100,000
  • Gorgeous Royal Ribbon: Price 999,999

Other Ribbons

Aside from the Ribbons mentioned above, the game contains a few more ribbons. Here’s a list of these ribbons, along with the information on how to unlock them.

Footprint Ribbon

Talk to Dr. Footstep on the beach on Route 213 with the Pokémon you have the most Friendship with in your party. Afterward, you’ll earn the Footprint Ribbon.

Effort Ribbon

Speak with the woman far-left in the Sunyshore Market. The reward for having your lead Pokémon EVs maxed out.

Sinnoh Champion Ribbon

At the Pokémon League, defeat the Elite Four and Champion Cynthia to obtain the Sinnoh Champion Ribbon.

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