Pokemon BDSP EV Training Guide

Trainers can utilize EV Training in Pokemon BDSP to boost their Pokemon’s stats. In this guide, we will be taking an in-depth look at EV Training in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. You will learn what EVs are, how the mechanic works, the best locations for EV training, and how to Reset EVs.

Pokemon BDSP EV Training

EV also known as Effort Values can be used to boost your Pokemon’s level in Pokemon BDSP. Normally when you level up a Pokemon, one of six main stats will rank up, making your Pokemon stronger.

EV is a hidden stat each Pokemon can level up and further increase the 6 main stats. A Pokemon can gather a total of 510 EV points which can go to their main stats however, each main stat can only gain a maximum of 252 EV points.

How to Check Your Current EVs

You cannot see the exact number of Effort Values your Pokemon has gathered but there is a way to get a rough estimate of EVs. To check it out, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to the Pokemon Menu by Pressing X on the controller.
  • Choose the desired Pokemon
  • Check its Summary Page & navigate to the Hexagon tab.
  • Now press X again to see a yellow graph that indicates how many EVs are being accumulated by which main stat.

This is how you can keep track of your EV training gains in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Methods of EV Training

There are a few different ways of doing EV Training in Pokemon BDSP and we will be looking into each method. You can use Vitamins and Held Items to train your Pokemon or do it the old-fashioned way; through Battles!

Using Vitamins

Go to Sinnoh and purchase Vitamins at different shops to feed your Pokemon. Each vitamin will boost EV for a certain main skill by 10 points. Here are all the vitamins and the skills they boost:

  • HP Up: Increases HP
  • Protein: Increases Attack
  • Iron: Increases Defense
  • Calcium: Increases Special Attack
  • Zinc: Increases Special Defense
  • Carbos: Increases Speed

Using Held Items

You can also buy Held items to do EV training in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Different held items will provide different EV boosts whenever you defeat a Pokemon.

Here is a list of all the held EV items and the stat they boost:

  • Power Weight: Gain +8 HP EVs Gain
  • Power Bracer: Gain +8 Attack EVs
  • Power Belt: Gain +8 Defense EVs
  • Power Lens: Gain +8 Special Attack EVs
  • Power Band: Gain +8 Special Defense EVs
  • Power Anklet: Gain +8 Speed EVs
  • Macho Brace: Gain Double EVs

The Macho Brace is the only held item that cannot be purchased from the store and to acquire it, you need to obtain all three types of Burmy and then go to Pastoria City to speak to the Bug Catcher. He is located near the Poke Mart, on the northern side of town.

Train through Battles

If EV training through items is not your thing then you can simply rely on Pokemon Battles to level up your Pokemon.

Each Pokemon you defeat will drop 0-3 EV points of random stats but some Pokemon drop 2 EV points for specific stats as well. So, if you want to level up a certain stat, you need to go after the Pokemon that offers said stat as its EV Drop.

How to EV Train Fast

We will be providing a table that lists all the Pokemon EV training locations in the game and also tells you which Pokemon drops EV points for which stat so, grinding for your specific needs becomes much easier for you.

Defeating these particular Pokemon in these spots will grant you their respective EV points. If you are aiming to quickly train the EV for a Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, this method is going to be the fastest.

EV Stat Location Pokemon
HP Route 218 Gastrodon
Attack Route 209 & 212 Bibarel
Attack Route 201 & 212 Kricketune
Defense Eterna Forest Silcoon
Defense Eterna Forest Cascoon
Defense Iron Island, Mt. Coronet Graveler
Special Attack Northern Route 212 Roselia
Special Attack Sendoff Spring (post-game) Golduck
Special Defense Valor Lakefront Girafarig
Special Defense Route 223 Tentacruel
Speed Route 218 Floatzel

How to Reset EV Points

You can only gather a maximum of 510 EV points for each Pokemon, you might want to make changes to how you’ve assigned these points later on, and luckily, the game allows you to do so by eating berries.

Different berries reset different stats for your Pokemon. Whenever your Pokemon consumes a berry in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, it will lower 10 EV points from the respective stat.

Here is a list of all the berries and the stat they reset:

  • Pomeg Berry: Decreases HP
  • Keplsy Berry: Decreases Attack
  • Qualot Berry: Decreases Defense
  • Hondew Berry: Decreases Special Attack
  • Grepa Berry: Decreases Special Defense
  • Tamato Berry: Decreases Speed

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