How to Change Nicknames in Pokemon BDSP

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, when you catch a Pokemon, it will have its original name set by default. In this guide, we will explain How to Change Nicknames in Pokemon BDSP.

How to Change Nicknames in Pokemon BDSP

In Pokemon BDSP, the nicknames of Pokemon can be changed by talking to the Name Rater. The Name Rater is located in Eterna City.

Head to the 1st floor of Eterna Condominiums to the find Name Rater. Show him the Pokemon whose Nickname you want to change.

The Move Rater will first rate the Pokemon’s current nickname. Any Pokemon that you have captured will be given a decent rating. Those Pokemon that did not have nicknames before will receive the same rating at first as well.

After rating the current nickname, the Name Rater will offer you a chance to change the Pokemon’s nickname.

Now you will be able to set a nickname of your choice for that Pokemon. You may alter the nickname of any Pokemon you have captured yourself as many times as you like.

A single Pokemon’s nickname can be changed several times as well. To cancel a nickname change, just leave the name field blank and save it.

Nickname Change Restrictions

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Pokemon that are acquired through trading cannot have their nickname changed, even if they do not have one.

The Pokemon’s name will be described by the Name Rater as ‘already impeccable’, and you will not be given the choice to give it a new nickname.

However, if you are trading a Pokemon from another Player, you may always ask the person you are dealing with to give the Pokemon your desired nickname before the trade.

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