Pokemon BDSP EXP Farming Guide

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, if you want to get stronger, you’ll need to keep on grinding for that much-coveted XP and level up as fast as you can. In this guide, we will be focusing on all the different ways, you can begin your Pokemon BDSP EXP Farming

Pokemon BDSP EXP Farming

At the onset of Pokemon BDSP, the starter Pokemon, that you own, are all at Level 5. As the game progresses, it gets more difficult, and hence to cope with the increasing level of difficulty, you’ll be needing powerful Pokemon at your disposal.

How to Level up Fast in Pokemon BDSP

Our guide below will walk you through all the ways of EXP farming in Pokemon BDSP. So, let’s get straight into it!

Defeat Wild Pokemon

The most common method of leveling up is battling anything that moves in the wilderness.

A bit excessive but it works! Battle wild Pokemon and gain EXP points. That being said, try picking a fight with higher leveled Pokemon in new routes.

It won’t take you time to out-level them in a short amount of time. After that just move on till you find a new route with stronger Pokemon!

Defeat Pokemon in Hideaways

Talking about level scaling, Pokemon in Hideaways are perfect opponents. These wild Pokemon will usually match your party’s level or are higher level than them.

Also, since you can visually spot these Pokemon roaming about, you can easily pick and choose your preferred opponent. Note that evolved Pokemon usually give you higher EXP than their pre-evolved forms.

Keep Cheryl in Your Party for As Long As Possible

This method of EXP farming is applicable to early game ventures. After you defeat the first gym leader and make your way to the next city, you’ll run into a forest.

In the forest, you’ll encounter Cheryl, who will join your party. While she’s in your party, you’ll be fighting two enemies, instead of one, meaning that you will be getting double the amount of EXP from a single battle.

Also, the best part is that she’s going to heal up your party members 100% after every battle. As a result, you won’t have to use any items or go back to a shop.

Cheryl will stay at your party as long as you want but you’d want to stay far away from the top right corner of the map since if you get too close to the exit, she’ll leave your party.

Utilize the Lucky Egg Item

Lucky Egg is an item, that gives players more XP than usual, at the end of a battle. There are two ways you can acquire this item:

  • Use Thief to steal it from Chansey
  • Or, if you don’t have Thief, simply capture Chansey

Note that if you choose to resort to the second method, there’ll be a chance of Chansey holding a Lucky Egg. This Lucky Egg can, in turn, be equipped to the other party members.

Keep in mind Chansey can appear in the Trophy Garden at the Pokemon Mansion and she also spawns in Route 209 and Route 210.

Whichever Pokemon you want to level up, just make sure to equip Lucky Egg on it.

Team up with Riley in Iron Islands for EXP

Similar to battling alongside Cheryl, you can team up with Riley. Battle through the Wild Pokemon and trainers scattered around in the Iron Islands.

You are able to meet him after you speak to the Sailor at the Canalave City Dock. This Sailor will take you to the Iron Islands where you will see him near the Team Galactic Grunts.

Defeat them and team up with Riley after that. With him you will be able to encounter two wild Pokemon thus the EXP gained will be doubled as well.

Also, you don’t have to worry about restoring your Pokemon’s health since Riley will automatically heal them.

Use Rare Candies on Pokemon

Rare Candies are an anomaly that, when used, raise your Pokemon’s level by 1. It feels like cheating but due to this item’s rarity, you won’t be able to use it excessively.

Save this item for later especially for the Pokemon League. Cynthia’s Party is above level 60 so if you need that boost, use the Rare Candies that you have saved.

It’s a good backup plan when you are too lazy to roam around and battle wild Pokemon.

Utilize the VS. Seeker Item

VS. Seeker is an item that allows you to rechallenge all the trainers you have already fought.

In the rematches, those trainers will have much stronger teams and the battles against them would earn you more XP than wild battles. This item gets recharged after 100 steps.

Grind For Chansey

In Pokemon BDSP, upon getting caught, some Pokemon offer more XP than the others. Due to its hefty HP, Chansey will reward you with loads of XP if you are able to defeat it. Chansey spawns on Route 209 and 210.