Best Tips To Farm EXP In Pokemon BDSP

In this guide, we'll be showing you methods for Pokemon BDSP EXP Farming that you can use to power level your Pokemon team!

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, if you want to get stronger, you’ll need to keep grinding for that much-coveted XP and level up as fast as possible. Your starter Pokemon will be at level 5 and as you progress your Pokemon will need to upgrade it.

One way of getting strong in Pokemon BDSP, is by boosting EXP as quickly as possible to level up. This guide includes all the methods, tips, and places you can go to to farm your EXP.

Defeat Wild Pokemon

One common method of leveling up fast is to battle against a wild Pokemon that has higher level. You will find them on new, undiscovered routes, take it out and move on to another new route in search of stronger Pokemon.

Keep Cheryl in Your Party for As Long as Possible

This method of EXP farming is applicable to early game ventures. After you defeat the first gym leader and make your way to the next city, you’ll encounter Cheryl in a forest. Agree to help her to cross through the forest, and she will fight dual battles with you against challenges, and you can double your EXP quickly.

Cheryl will stay at your party as long as you want, but you’d want to stay far away from the top right corner of the map since if you get too close to the exit, she’ll leave your party.

Utilize the Lucky Egg Item

Lucky egg is an item that is filled with happiness and gives you extra EXP points. You will get it after winning the battle on the grand underground in the wild Chansey, either steal it from him or capture Chansey, and also in the battle tower.

Once easy way of getting lucky eggs in Pokemon BDSP is going to the Acuity Lakefront and from there head to the top side, turn to the leftmost room and enter the Icy Cave. You will get the item laying around in the middle.

Battle with Wild Walrein

Head to Grand Underground, and from there, make your way to Glacial Cavern using the explorer kit on the Snowpoint City. You will encounter Wild Lanturn and Wild Walrein here. Wild Lanturn will give you 1827 EXP points, while Walrein will give you 3434 EXP points.

Battle with Ace Trainer Ariana

In Snowpoint City, you will find a trainer, Ariana, in the Resort Area on Route 228. If you defeat Ariana, you will gain 1992 EXP points from Ambiphom, 2000 EXP points from Rapidash, and 4656 EXP points Chansey.

Team up with Riley in Iron Islands

Sail to the Iron Island, you will come across the Team Galactic Grunts, defeat them and the wild Pokemon that encounter your way and you will gain massive EXP. You will then find Riley on the left side of the underground map. Having him on your team is a big achievement as he will heal your Pokemon and help you gain EXP with dual battles.

Use Rare Candies on Pokemon

Rare Candies are an anomaly that, when used, raise your Pokemon’s level by 1. It feels like cheating but due to this item’s rarity, you won’t be able to use it excessively.

Save this item for later especially for the Pokemon League. Cynthia’s Party is above level 60, so if you need that boost, use the Rare Candies you saved.

It’s a good backup plan when you are too lazy to roam and battle wild Pokemon.

Farming EXP by Defeating the Elite Four

By taking down the Elite Four, you can boost your Pokemon from Level 1 to Level 36-41 without Lucky Egg. Just keep a few strong Pokemon on your team to take down the Elite Four and you will gain around 16,000 EXP per Pokemon.

Utilize the VS Seeker Item

VS. Seeker is an item that allows you to find a trainer for a rematch. One thing you should know about this rematch is that those trainers will have stronger teams and you have a better chance of farming more EXP than in wild battles. This item gets recharged after 100 steps.

Pokemon BDSP Best Places to Level Up Fast

You can go to particular locations on the map to battle Pokemon and grind for a lot more EXP and levels for your Pokemon compared to what you would have gotten by battling Pokemon out in the wilds randomly.

Some of the best places and EXP grinding spots in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that offer Pokemon with higher EXP are mentioned below:

  • Route 209 / 2010
  • Fountainspring Cave
  • Glacial Cavern
  • Bigbluff Cavern

Best Pokemon to Farm for EXP

Another excellent way to Farm for EXP is to target specific Pokemon who offer more EXP rewards. Doing so will save you a lot of time and instead of battling random Pokemon in the wild, you can go to specific hideouts and battle these Pokemon.

Here are a few Pokemon that offer excellent EXP whenever you battle them:

  • Chansey (Found on Route 209 / 2010)
  • Gastrodon (Found in the Fountainspring Cave)
  • Quagsire (Found in the Fountainspring Cave)
  • Gabite (Found in the Fountainspring Cave)
  • Walrein (Found in the Glacial Cavern)
  • Sealeo (Found in the Glacial Cavern)
  • Lairon (Found in the Glacial Cavern)
  • Pupitar (Found in the Bigbluff Cavern)
  • Sandslash (Found in the Bigbluff Cavern)
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