How to Defeat Bertha (Elite Four) in Pokemon BDSP

Throughout your journey into the Sinnoh region, you’ll face a total of 8 Gym Leaders and the Elite Four to finally challenge the Champion herself, Cynthia. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to defeat one of the Four Elites called Bertha in Pokemon BDSP.

How to Defeat Bertha in Pokemon BDSP

Bertha is a member of the Elite Four in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. She’s the second Elite you’ll face after successfully defeating all 8 Gym Leaders to collect a total of 8 badges.

Bertha is an old lady in Pokemon BDSP who possesses a stacked roster of Pokemon making her one of the toughest opponents you’ll face in the game.

Bertha’s list of Pokemon mainly consists of High-level Ground Types such as the following:

  • Quagsire level 55
  • Whiscash level 55
  • Sudowoodo level 56
  • Golem level 56
  • Hippowdon level 59

As you can see, every Pokemon in her team is above level 50 which means that if there’s a big difference between the level of your Pokemon and hers if you didn’t grind enough by the time you defeat the Gym leaders.

You’ll have a rough time making it through the fight considering how dangerous Ground-type Pokemon are when it comes to ground attacks such as Earthquake.

To ensure victory, make sure you train hard on Victory Road before tackling Bertha or any other Elite Four members.

Recommended Pokemon

Although Ground Type Pokemon are weak against Grass, Ice and Water, we’d recommend going for the Legendary Psychic Pokemon, the member of the lake guardians, Azelf.

Using Azelf’s Psychic ability against Bertha’s Pokemon is a dish well served as it helps you deal the maximum amount of damage against your opponents and majority of the time will defeat Bertha’s team with a single attack.

Tips to Defeat Bertha in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

When facing Bertha in Pokemon BDSP, keep at least one Grass Type Pokemon with you and the best one to do the job is none other than Roserade.

Roserade is probably one of the most powerful Grass-types in Pokemon BDSP with its high speed and who can forget its Giga Drain move. Have Roserade and Azelf in your team and you’ll win the fight in no time.

Since You’ll be needing Grass types later on in the fight, let’s save Roserade for now and start off with the one and only Legendary Psychic Azelf.

Note: your Pokemon should be above level 50 to compete against any of Bertha’s Pokemon.

As the battle begins, Bertha sends out a level 55 Quagsire who drains 50% or more of your HP followed by Whiscash, Sudowoodo, Golem and Hippowdon.

Therefore, it’s best to make full use of your X Defense from the Battle Items Pocket. However, if your Pokemon is wounded too much, use Hyper Potion instead to restore 120 HP of the Pokemon. To boost your Special Attack, use X Sp.Atk.

Once it’s your turn to attack, use Psychic to defeat all Bertha’s Pokemon and proceed to the next Elite Four fight.

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