PlayStation VR is Going to Cost Over $400, According to SuperData

Oculus Rift is priced at $599 which many consider to be a little expensive, but the device still managed to sell like hotcakes. At $599, it still managed to sell out in just 14 minutes, but how are things with PSVR?

Both PlayStation VR and Rift will compete for the market share in the coming months, and we expect big things to happen in VR market in the next couple of years. Both devices are closing in on release but strangely, Sony still hasn’t revealed a price point for PlayStation VR.

Previously, Andrew House mentioned that it is going to cost as much as a new console. Meaning we can expect it to be around $400 or above. It was a rough estimate from Sony, but it looks like SuperData thinks the same. The research company has released a report saying that PlayStation VR is going to cost $400-$600.

Once again, Sony is yet to officially confirm its price. However, SuperData has a very good track record for predicting such matters. Although I believe in this case $400-$600 is the price point all of us are expecting, so this one is a very safe estimate from SuperData.

SuperData also predicted that Sony’s VR machine will sell around 1.9 million units in its first year. It isn’t a big number compared to Oculus/Vive which is expected to sell around 6.6 million.

Gamers don’t really care about number of units sold, what we do care about are the games on offer. It is revealed that PlayStation VR currently has over 100 games in development for it.

Which device are you looking forward to the most?

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