Devs Are Working On Over 100 Games For PlayStation VR, Says Sony

Sony may have skipped the PlayStation VR entirely during its presentation at the CES 2016, but they did talk about it behind the scenes during the event, and some good news to share for all gamers.

Sony’s Chief Executive Kaz Hirai spoke with BBC during CES 2016, talking about the games for PlayStation VR. Hirai noted that developers are working on 100 or more titles for the VR headset from Sony.

Obviously, this isn’t a number associated with launch titles, but it’s a pretty impressive set even if it spans across a few years, considering 2016 is only the beginning of virtual reality gaming.

Hirai said that there is a lot of developer support for the device. In spite of Oculus Rift taking the center stage in recent weeks as far as VR news is concerned, the CEO is largely unfazed by the buzz surrounding competitor VR headsets as Rift’s and those from HTC and Samsung.

While Microsoft attempts to expand the application of VR inspired HoloLens beyond gaming, Sony isn’t yet thinking of such a step, according to Hirai. The decision to use PlayStation VR outside of gaming is something they’ll only consider once they are able to attract gamers first.

VR gaming and technology is still a market that is yet to open. It’s buildup towards the end of 2015 and start of this year has made it quite an attraction, but considering just how expensive Oculus Rift is, we shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon just yet.

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