Leak Claims New Playstation AAA IP In The Works, Will Be Announced Before October

It’s getting to be around the time where gaming companies reveal their next big projects for the coming year once again. However, a leak from @TheRealInsider on Twitter claims that a new Playstation Triple-A IP is currently in the works, and will be announced sometime this month. Is it true?

Playstation has announced a number of new IPs and original games over the past several years, ranging from Forspoken to Lies of P and more, both during the Summer of Gaming and during its State of Play presentations. Having a new Triple-A game to announce will help to keep up a good amount of buzz as well.

While normally such an announcement would be accompanied by the usual warning to take it with a grain of salt, there is precedent for why TheRealInsider could be trusted about this. After all, he leaked the names of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which will be returning the series to its roots.

This doesn’t automatically mean that TheRealInsider should be trusted implicitly; after all, even reputable leakers can be wrong from time to time. Then again, his leak doesn’t name a specific game this time, only that a new Playstation Triple-A IP is going to be announced within the next few weeks.

Playstation has already announced a wide variety of other game genres coming out for it over the course of the Summer of Gaming, including horror-based games, fantasy based games, shooters, RPGs, and more, so exactly what this rumored new IP will be will probably be a mystery for the next few weeks, if it’s actually true.

We can also likely have confidence that it will be an excellent-looking game, considering that since the Playstation 4 came out, Sony has been carried on its exclusives, though of course we don’t know if the game will actually be exclusive, either. Either way, if TheRealInsider is correct and a new Playstation Triple-A IP is in the works, we only have a few weeks to wait before it’s revealed.