Leak Claims New Playstation AAA IP In The Works, Will Be Announced Before October

A new leak from @TheRealInsider on Twitter claims that a new Playstation Triple-A IP will be revealed in the next few weeks.

It’s getting to be around the time where gaming companies reveal their next big projects for the coming year once again. However, a leak from @TheRealInsider on Twitter claims that a new Playstation Triple-A IP is currently in the works, and will be announced sometime this month. Is it true?

Playstation has announced a number of new IPs and original games over the past several years, ranging from Forspoken to Lies of P and more, both during the Summer of Gaming and during its State of Play presentations. Having a new Triple-A game to announce will help to keep up a good amount of buzz as well.

While normally such an announcement would be accompanied by the usual warning to take it with a grain of salt, there is precedent for why TheRealInsider could be trusted about this. After all, he leaked the names of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which will be returning the series to its roots.

This doesn’t automatically mean that TheRealInsider should be trusted implicitly; after all, even reputable leakers can be wrong from time to time. Then again, his leak doesn’t name a specific game this time, only that a new Playstation Triple-A IP is going to be announced within the next few weeks.

Playstation has already announced a wide variety of other game genres coming out for it over the course of the Summer of Gaming, including horror-based games, fantasy based games, shooters, RPGs, and more, so exactly what this rumored new IP will be will probably be a mystery for the next few weeks, if it’s actually true.

We can also likely have confidence that it will be an excellent-looking game, considering that since the Playstation 4 came out, Sony has been carried on its exclusives, though of course we don’t know if the game will actually be exclusive, either. Either way, if TheRealInsider is correct and a new Playstation Triple-A IP is in the works, we only have a few weeks to wait before it’s revealed.

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