Playstation 5 SSD Apparently Manufactured by Samsung

We might not have much confirmed information about Sony’s next console, we do know though that its performance will be better than ever due to a built-in SSD. A recent hint suggests Samsung to be the manufacturer of the Playstation SSD.

Undeniably, an SSD for Playstation 5 is one of the best features we have for the console thus far. Not only does it speed things up in booting your games and applications up but it also cuts loading times by a significant amount. According to a leak on Twitter, the successor to PS4 will have 2TB of SSD, making it not only better in performance but also much more spacious than the previous model. Now, we have hints pointing to Samsung being the company to make those powerful SSDs.

During the Samsung SSD Forum in Tokyo last week, the company unveiled a new model, the NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express). In addition, Samsung confirmed that the new hard drive will be equipped in a gaming console. Be it Playstation 5 or Xbox Scarlett, the confirmation is stellar.

Where the interest lays though, is to what Samsung claims about its performance. Apparently, the NVMe SSD will significantly speed up processes and data access. In addition, starting the console and launching a game with the SSD will be much quicker, something that Sony already confirmed for Playstation 5 too.

As you can see from the picture above, reported by, the NVMe SSD that supposedly is included in Playstation 5, system and game launch times are cut down to even more than 50% compared to standard SATA SSD.


Comparing its performance to regular HDD poses an even bigger upgrade. The image also shows a console that resembles a Playstation 4, putting more oil to the fire when it comes to Sony’s next-gen console.

It might take some time before we know what the Playstation 5 will be like when it releases. Sony expects to make an official announcement sometime next year. As for its launch, expect it to be on store shelves by next year.

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