Playstation 5 CPU Confirmed To Be An 8 Core AMD Ryzen

Playstation 5 will house an 8 core / 16 threads AMD Ryzen CPU, according to latest news. How far can it push next-generation gaming?

Were you wondering just how powerful will the PlayStation 5 CPU be? How far ahead will the hardware have to be in order to be able to sustain the upcoming graphics intensive video games? Apparently, we don’t have to worry about all the questions because PS5 is much more powerful than we anticipated.

The news comes from Japanese magazine Famitsu, a steady source of exclusive news in the industry.

According to their report, the Playstation 5 CPU will be an x86-64-AMD Ryzen “Zen2” with 8 cores / 16 threads. Those who anticipated this to be true can finally rest as the next Playstation is indeed powerful. For the skeptical fans who thought that Sony wouldn’t be able to make the leap, well embrace yourselves and get ready for the ride.

Even though this is great news for Sony’s next generation console, we still have a few months before the full reveal. A Sony employee confirmed that the company will be sharing more about Playstation 5 next year. This means we have to wait to finally see what the case and controllers look like.

After the official announcement, Sony revealed that they’re putting extra effort into the console’s Dualshock controllers. In addition, the console will house an SSD. Moreover, there will be UI enhancements to bring to the digital platform closer to the next generation of gaming. There is, however, so much we don’t know about the console yet. What we do know though is enough to get us excited until the time comes.

Last month, a Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa claimed that Sony might be releasing two PlayStation 5 models — a basic one with lighter specs and a premium one akin to the Pro. After the news that Sony will reveal details for the console next year, we won’t be expecting them to throw a Playstation Experience dedicated to it.

In fact, there’s not much of a point to host a show altogether. Upcoming titles for Playstation 4 are low for the time being. We’d love to see Sony reserve a date for the grand announcement along with its launch titles.

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