Playstation 5 Specifications Might Have Just Been Leaked

A leaker on 4chan might have just put out the Playstation 5 specifications, but we don't know if they're true or not until Sony itself says so.

We still have absolutely no idea of when the Playstation 5 is going to be officially revealed, but a new leak might have given us at least a bit of info. The Playstation 5 specifications have supposedly been revealed by a 4chan user, though there’s no confirmation on if they’re true or not.

Originally, there were various hints dropped about when the Playstation 5 would be officially revealed. One leak pointed towards it coming out sometime in February, while other leakers (including David Jaffe) thought it would come in March.

While there’s still time for March, we still haven’t had any word from Sony about a possible reveal event. However, the Playstation 5 specifications that have been leaked mean the Xbox Series X will have a lot of competition on its hands.

According to the leak, the Playstation 5 will have:
* 13.3TF Custom RDNA 2 GPU @ 1.7GHZ with 60 Compute Units
* AMD Zen2 8 core @ 3.4 GHZ (Sony is working on boosting to 3.7GHZ)
* SSD@5.5GB/S @ 1TB
* Dedicated RT and 3D Audio cores
* 565GB Bandwidth
* Full digital backward compatibility with every PlayStation console and handheld for a library of 1000’s of games on day 1
* Enhanced Dual Shock 5 with haptic triggers, heartbeat monitors and built-in microphone
* PlayStation AI assistant that allows you to change games create parties and more with voice commands

Again, however, this is a leaked list and is in no way officially confirmed, so a significant amount of this might turn out to be wrong. While there has been a bit of information confirmed about it, such as the full backwards compatibility, we’ll have to rely on Sony to confirm the rest.

While the Xbox Series X has already announced the vast majority of the console’s features, exactly what the Playstation 5 specifications will be will have to wait until the company announces them somewhere itself. Hopefully they’ll hurry, especially since holiday of this year is the projected release date for both consoles.

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