Playstation 5 Reveal Will Come In February, Says David Jaffe

David Jaffe has gone on record claiming that the Playstation 5 reveal will be coming in February, though nothing has been confirmed right now.

Well-known game designer David Jaffe has revealed on Twitter recently that he believes that the Playstation 5 reveal will be coming in February, seemingly confirming rumors of the same that have been floating around since last year. While it’s not officially confirmed, we haven’t heard anything different from Playstation or Sony.

While the Playstation 5 is basically common knowledge by now, we haven’t had any idea of what it’s capable of, what games it will be launching with, or even what it really looks like beyond the dev kit. This is in contrast to Microsoft, which unveiled the Xbox Series X at the Game Awards last year.

Microsoft also haven’t given us any idea of the Xbox Series X’s capabilities, launch games, or pricing, just having an image of what the console will look like ahead of Playstation puts them ahead. They also have one game confirmed, Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga, the sequel to Senua’s Sacrifice Though we don’t know when they’ll be holding their own reveal event either.

Microsoft might just wait until E3 to show off the Series X and what it can do, but Playstation is once again skipping E3 this year, and if they actually do have their Playstation 5 reveal event next month, that will put them ahead of Microsoft in hype generation, especially since they’re riding high after a highly successful generation with the Playstation 4.

There’s no confirmation that the reveal even is actually happening in February, but Jaffe believes that since Playstation did a similarly-timed event when they revealed the Playstation 4, that the Playstation 5 will also be revealed around this time of year.

Since both consoles are slated to be coming out in the Holiday portion of this year, both Microsoft and Sony have twelve months to get people hyped up for their respective consoles, as each one’s capabilities, along with the games that they’ll have on launch, are pivotal in gamers deciding which is which.

Whether David Jaffe is right or not about the Playstation 5 reveal event will likely be confirmed soon, too.

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