PlayStation 5 Might Be Able To Identify Users Holding A DualSense

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been looking into additional security and privacy measures, presumably for PlayStation 5, that completely change how players can access their PlayStation accounts and profiles in public.

According to a recently granted patent, Sony understands that players have a tendency to log into their personal PlayStation accounts when playing on a different console. This is so that players can keep track of their in-game progress or access their account-specific content and settings.

In such a scenario, players must enter their private passwords which may be seen by others in the room. Either that or they forget to log out, meaning that the owner of the console can then access personal or account-specific information.

The solution proposed by Sony is to have the console system, for example a PlayStation 5 console, automatically detect players and their individual PlayStation accounts when they pick up a DualSense controller. The patented method mentions one or more sensors configured into the controller that can identify players and immediately log into their PlayStation accounts. Hence, players will never need to manually enter their private passwords.

A system for identifying a user of a controller includes a controller having one or more sensors configured to detect interaction with the controller by the user and a transmitter configured to transmit telemetry data based on outputs of one or more of the sensors… providing a method and an apparatus for determining an identity of a user holding a handheld controller.

The sensors though might not be limited to DualSense alone. Other accessories such as the new PlayStation 5 camera might be coupled with the console for the same results. Sony only recently patented that the new next-generation camera will be able to take inputs from multiple users at the same time. Through eye tracking and image processing, the camera will be able to identify all users within range. The same technology could also be used in theory for PlayStation 5 to identify players who pick up a DualSense controller.

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