PlayStation 5 Camera Might Track Multiple Users & VR Headsets

Sony has filed a new patent that claims the new PlayStation 5 camera to be able to detect and track multiple users at the same time.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has already announced that PlayStation 5 will launch with a new high-definition camera as an optional accessory. While the older PlayStation 4 camera will still be compatible, the newer PlayStation 5 camera will come with several new features, most of which remain to be revealed.

According to a recently granted patent, the PlayStation 5 camera will be able to take inputs from multiple users at the same time. The patented method describes a system that uses eye tracking and image processing to first identify all users within range, detect and isolate their individual inputs, and finally send them for processing through the next-generation console.

A system determines which user of multiple users provided input through a single input device. A mechanism captures images of the one or more users. When input is detected, the images may be processed to determine which user provided an input using the input device. The images may be processed to identify each users head and eyes, and determine the focus point for each user’s eyes. The user which has eyes focused at the input location is identified as providing the input.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 camera will feature dual 1080p lenses for high-definition capture. The accessory will make it easier for players to stream from their living rooms while playing games, particularly for newcomers. Based on the aforementioned patent, the hardware will be able to do much more.

The current (older) PlayStation 4 camera has a fairly low accuracy when it comes to tracking the position of the player, controller, or virtual reality headset. The upcoming PlayStation 5 camera will potentially upgrade the eye tracking for more precision when detecting both the PlayStation VR and Move controllers. Having two cameras will go a long way in accurately judging the sensation of depth. Hence, they could also keep track of multiple users at the same time.

Do note that PlayStation 4 only supports one PlayStation VR headset at a time. While it might be too soon to speculate, PlayStation 5 may possible allow multiple PlayStation VR2 headsets at a time, all thanks to the new and improved PlayStation 5 camera.

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