PlayStation 5 Design Hinted By PlayStation Japan Leak

A picture from the PlayStation Japan Website was leaked containing an icon which suggests that the PlayStation 5 design might resemble the PS5 devkit.

The PlayStation 5 icon has now been replaced by a regular PlayStation console one. Either way, if it was removed, there must be some truth to it. Stay tuned for further updates.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment seems to be gearing up for the release of the PlayStation 5 at the end of this year. But we may not have to wait that long to get a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 design. This Reddit post has a screenshot taken from the PlayStation Japan website that has a new logo featuring the shape and possible design of Sony’s next-gen console.

The official website for PlayStation Japan has logos for various PlayStation devices which include the PS4 Pro, the PS4 and PS VR. The icons serve the purpose of acting as a link to the device’s section of the website. This leak suggests that the PS5 icon was displayed on the website by accident though it was removed quickly.

Upon closer inspection, you can see that there is a V-like shape in the middle of the icon. This icon may appear to be familiar to some fans as it resembles the logo of the PlayStation 5 devkit. The PS5 devkit also has this V-like shape in the middle of the machine. The V probably represents the roman numerical for 5.

Of course, the PlayStation 5 design isn’t going to be exactly like the devkit. We expect the PS5 to at least look somewhat similar to the PlayStation consoles. Sony could still implement the V-shape on the next-gen console as it would make the console stand out. We don’t know how much the PlayStation 5 will resemble the PlayStation 4. Sony usually likes its consoles to have a unique look so we will have to wait and see.

Let’s keep in mind that the credibility of this leak is non-existant. Someone could have easily created a PlayStation 5 icon based on the design of the PS5 devkit. As of right now, this leak is just a rumor.


Leaks has already suggested the launch window of PlayStation 5. Other leaks indicate that the launch event for the PlayStation 5 will be in March. Considering all the official announcements and the recent leaks, we are definitely up for a treat this holiday season of 2020.