PlayStation 5 Release Window Possibly Leaked In AMD Financial Report

The Playstation 5 release window might have just been confirmed in the AMD Financial Report for the first quarter of 2019.

For a while now, people have been wondering when the Playstation 5 will be coming out. Now, a leak out of the AMD financial report for this fiscal year might have given us an idea. The Playstation 5 release window will likely be in 2020, rather than 2015 as many hoped. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

The Playstation 4 has been dominating the console market ever since it released back in 2013, even over the Xbox One, which had previously lorded over the Playstation 3 as the king of console gaming. Now, the Playstation 5 has the potential to catapult itself to even greater heights, provided it can impress people.

The reason that AMD knows about the Playstation 5 release window is because the company is responsible for making the Playstation 5’s graphics card, a custom version of its Navi card. There also wasn’t an actual reveal about when the console would release.

The reason people believe that AMD might have leaked the release for Playstation 5 is because during the AMD financial report, President Dr. Lisa Su said that in 2019, the company’s semi-custom business with Sony is expected to decline noticeably, but will turn into a growth business in 2020.

People have taken this to mean that the Playstation 5 will be coming out that year, lending a bit more credibility to people talking about the console coming soon. Sony has confirmed, for instance, that the console will not be releasing in 2020, and this was released during the same conference where they announced their partnership with AMD.

Rumors have also been coming around that Sony has sent out Playstation 5 dev kits to developers in order to get them familiar with the console before its launch, so with all of this happening, if the rumors are true then we might very well see the Playstation 5 release window being in 2020.


With Sony not attending E3 there’s no telling when we’ll find out more about the console, but hopefully it comes soon.

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