Sony Might Launch Two Models: PlayStation 5 And PlayStation 5 Pro

PlayStation 4 received a Pro model three years into the current generation, something that Sony might possibly be considering to change with PlayStation 5.

During a live YouTube stream a couple of weeks back, Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa claimed to have heard something peculiar at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) earlier in the month. Sony apparently has plans to launch not one but two different PlayStation 5 models on day one that will serve two different audiences.

The base model will be lighter in terms of hardware specifications and hence, also cheaper. The Pro model on the other hand will be a powerhouse to satisfy the most demanding console owners. This, though, will come at a premium price. There were already rumors that the next-generation consoles are going to be expensive. It might just be true in the sense that PlayStation 5 Pro won’t be anywhere near the highly-wished $400 tag, at least not at launch.

This is the first time that Sony has been reported to be considering two next-generation console models, but the idea isn’t new. Microsoft was being heavily reported since last year to be doing the same. Project Scarlett was said to be a disc-less, streaming-focused machine. There would be a second model stocked to the brim to meet high-end gaming needs. The thought has since then been subdued, and Microsoft may as well be releasing just Project Scarlett.

As far as the rumor patrol goes, Sony is expected to reveal PlayStation 5 between PlayStation Experience 2019 and the first half of 2020. Microsoft will then follow by fully revealing Project Scarlett, leading to both companies launching their respective next-generation console (or consoles) in fall 2020.

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