Playstation 4 Slim Teardown – No 4K Support, Suffers from Overheating

The upcoming Playstation 4 Slim has been dismantled to reveal a few interesting discoveries regarding heating, power, etc.

Playstation 4 Slim Teardown – as the modder is calling it – is carried out by Links-Tech and can be seen in full in the attached video.

Playstation 4 Slim Teardown

As evident from the video demonstration, the console is relatively silent, but does suffer from heat dissipation issues. Playstation 4 overheating is something a handful of users reported after the console’s launch and it looks like Sony has not been able to address the issue even in the slimmer version.

Apart from this, the video also mentions lack of 4K support – no one was rooting for it anyway. 4K support is something Sony is targeting with the upcoming Playstation 4K or Playstation Neo. Moreover, the slimmer version will come in two SKUs, a 500GB one and a 1TB one.

We have also attached a few teardown screenshots in the Image Gallery attached below:

In relevant Playstation 4 Slim news, it is suspected that PS4 Slim will arrive with a pricetag of $299 USD and Playstation Neo will arrive at a mere $399 USD pricepoint. Apart from PS Neo, it is also believed that Sony is planning to reveal something Vita related as well!

These are all obviously speculations on gaming media’s part and, therefore, should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Everything will become clear in just a couple of days during Sony’s upcoming media briefing.

Sony Computer Entertainment is expected to officially unveil Playstation 4 Slim on Sept. 07, 2016.

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