Project Morpheus, PlayStation 4 Neo, and Now PS Vita Trinity? Too Much Matrix for Sony

Sony is hosting a PlayStation Meeting on September 7 where the company is expected to show its new console, PlayStation 4 Neo. The 4K compatible machine is rumored to release this year. However, it seems that isn’t the only piece of hardware we’ll see.

Sony isn’t moving out of the handheld market and is working on something called PS Vita Trinity. Presumably, an upgraded companion to Sony’s PlayStation 4 NEO. The FCC certified a 5Ghz wireless chip for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Needless to say there is nothing much known about the device but since Sony is upgrading its base console, it is possible that its handheld is receiving the same treatment.

It is odd to release a newer model as PS Vita itself only appealed to a niche audience. PS Vita was an indie heaven but this newer model with a fresh start could bring back third party AAA support.

Sony wanted to keep things silent until the official reveal and even wrote a formal letter to the FCC. According to Sony, if leaked, this information could cause a disadvantage to the company.

PlayStation 4 Neo, Project Morpheus and Vita Trinity? Well, someone at Sony has been watching too much Matrix. Sony official event will bring more news so check back with us.

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