Playstation 4 Controller Sales Make It The Best-Selling Gamepad Of All Time

Fitting with it belonging to one of the best-selling consoles of this generation, Playstation 4 controller sales have apparently made the Dualshock 4 have made it the best-selling gamepad of all time, according to Sony. While it hasn’t sold the most controllers ever, it’s made the most money in dollar sales.

The controller being such a big success comes on the heels of a large number of different successes for the Playstation 4. The console has entered the final phase of its life cycle, meaning that within a few more years the Playstation 4 will be replaced in Playstation’s focus by a Playstation 5 or whatever they’re going to call the new console.

Along with that, Sony Santa Monica’s new God of War game has become one of the best-selling Playstation 4 games in the console’s history, selling millions of copies and staying on top of sales charts for weeks now with no signs of slowing down. The game now sits at the number three spot of the best-selling games of 2018.

After the previous console generation had the Playstation 3 constantly lagging behind the Xbox 360, the Playstation 4’s return to supremacy is a long-awaited achievement, with the console putting out a variety of masterful exclusive games such as Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, and now God of War.

Even as the Playstation 4 controller sales make it the best-selling controller, the Playstation 4 continues to be one of the most-sold consoles for this generation, even over Nintendo’s Switch console, which has also been selling a great deal since its release in March of last year.

The Playstation 4’s supremacy will likely stick around until the end of this generation, especially with E3 giving them more opportunities to come out with games that will sell well in the future, which will in turn bump up Playstation 4 controller sales even more. Whether it can keep that reputation up in the future remains to be seen.

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