God of War Sales Continue To Dominate The Charts 4 Weeks After Release

God of War sales continue to dominate UK charts even though it's been 4 weeks since the game came out, and it doesn't seem to show signs of slowing down.

It’s been four weeks since we set out on Kratos’s newest adventure, and even now God of War sales continue to be at the top of the UK’s charts, despite it having been a month since the game came out. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Far Cry 5 are behind it.

The new God of War game for the Playstation 4 is the first God of War game in nearly five years, ever since the most recent game, God of War: Ascension, was released onto the Playstation 3. It’s been eight years since the last main God of War game came out, God of War 3 in 2010.

And, with eight years of time to develop a new game, God of War has changed just as much as it audience has. The Kratos that everyone loved to hate, who blamed everyone but himself for his mistakes and killed everything in his path is now gone, as are the great cities and monsters of Ancient Greece. Now a remorseful Kratos must accompany his son across the vast, untracked wilderness of Scandinavia to scatter the ashes of his wife.

Along with a new story and a new Kratos comes new combat mechanics. The Blades of Chaos are no longer the focus, and Kratos’s over-the-shoulder third person combat perspective gives his Leviathan’s Axe and his shield ample room to maneuver even as Atreus peppers monsters with arrows from afar.

Extremely high God of War sales immediately followed the critical acclaim that this new game got, and has even put other highly anticipated games like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Far Cry 5 behind it, though it will still need a few weeks at the top of the list in order to overcome the two games in front of it, Gran Turismo 3 and The Last Of Us for Playstation 4.

You can contribute to God of War sales by buying it exclusively for the Playstation 4, and if you want to run through the whole series, all of the God of War games are available to play on Playstation Now.

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