Playstation 3 Update 4.86 Has Been Released, Gives Minor Improvements

Playstation has released the Playstation 3 update 4.86 today, which helps to keep the console running smoothly and improve its performance.

A bit of an oddity has been put out by Sony today, as they company has released the Playstation 3 update 4.86. That’s right, Playstation 3, the now 13-year-old predecessor to the Playstation 4, instead of the current console. There’s not much that the update includes, but it does also take away a few things.

To start off with, the update’s sole real change is a system software update that helps to improve the quality of the Playstation 3’s performance. While the notes don’t go into specifics about it, if you still own a Playstation 3 it should run smoother now. Previous updates have been for similar reasons.

As for what’s missing from the Playstation 3 update 4.86 is that the messaging system has been cut down some. If you play on a Playstation 3 and have friends with Playstation 4 consoles or Playstation Vitas, you’ll no longer be able to successfully message them.

There are a few things that you need to be aware of with the update, however. You may not be able to play several games before you do the update, so you should do it as soon as possible. Playstation also advises against taking the update data from any non-official source or using it on a modified Playstation console.

While very few games are released for the Playstation 3 these days, the console is still used by a large number of people for the amount of games it has on it, and since it’s gotten into its thirteenth year of life now it stands to reason that Playstation would want to make sure it can keep running.

However, the Playstation 4 may have a shorter lifespan since the Playstation 5 will apparently be able to play thousands of games from every Playstation console as part of its backwards compatibility capabilities.

Either way, if you still play a Playstation 3 for any reason, be sure to download Playstation 3 update 4.86 so that your console can keep running the best it can.

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