Playstation 3 Gets System Software Update 4.76 to Improve Stability

Playstation 3 has been updated with System Software Update 4.76 with patch notes only revealing that it improves stability of the console

While Sony may put all of the focus on getting people to play the Playstation 4, that doesn’t mean that they forgot the Playstation 3 still needs updating now and again. Today they released System Software Update 4.76.

If you were hoping for something new for the aging console, you’ll be out of luck though. The patch notes only reveal one update:

“System software stability during use of some features has been improved.”

No more information has been provided as to what these improvements are, or what features the changes were focused on. Whether we’ll notice any change at all is questionable, and looking at the Playstation forums there doesn’t appear to be many issues with the update itself (yet).

The update will probably feature improvements to the stability of the system as well as security issues, so should be a positive move from Sony. With many gamers still enjoying the system, updates like these are welcome and show that the company at least haven’t forgotten to support it. We won’t know how many years this will continue for though, but while games are still being released for it, I’m sure Sony will still provide the updates.

With many users updating their Playstation 3 consoles with the update, hopefully there won’t be any issues that cause them any problems. The fact that there have been some minor ones mentioned in the forums is to be expected as they are isolated cases based on the users console and not wide scale problems. If any real problems are to arise they’ll probably appear over the next few days.

Did you update your Playstation 3? Did everything go smoothly? Let us know your thoughts below.


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