A Playable Version Of Elden Ring Is Available On The Steam Servers

A recent leak on Reddit has shown that a playable version of Elden Ring is currently on Steam, but hasn't been "released" yet.

A recent leak on the official Elden Ring subreddit has shown that a playable version of Elden Ring is currently present on the Steam servers. So it’s likely that we won’t have to face any delays before the game’s January 21 release date, even if it can’t be touched by players.

The versions of Elden Ring currently on Steam are currently locked to prevent them from being played early, and there are two of them, one locked to Japan, one locked everywhere else. The copies are visible on SteamDB, which is often used by gamers to look for hints of new DLC or game ports coming.

Considering we’ve gotten very little footage of Elden Ring since its announcement, the fanbase is scrabbling for any sort of hint we can get. Even the Playstation showcase last week didn’t get us anything, and the last big drop about the game we got was from a trailer shown at the start of the Summer of Gaming.

While the playable version of Elden Ring isn’t exactly an indicator of the game’s progress, the fact that it can be put there is still a good sign for development. Elden Ring is shaping up to be one of From Software’s most ambitious titles, being an open-world game, among other things.

Along with the many different bosses we’ll be fighting, for instance, the open world between each area will also have a variety of mini-dungeons that players can explore alone or with friends. Wandering enemies will also be a danger players can encounter.

Even with a playable version of Elden Ring currently on Steam, we likely won’t be getting any serious information about the game until months from now, possibly in the final weeks leading up to the game’s release. Either way, however, we can expect the game to come out on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5 on January 21 of 2022.

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